Best 70s Makeup Ideas

The article introduces readers to the resurgence of 70s-era makeup trends and provides a selection of the best 70s makeup ideas sourced from Instagram. The writer highlights that the 70s encompassed various movements, such as the hippy and disco trends, leading to a diverse range of makeup looks during that era. They express their affinity for 70s music and fashion, particularly the mod looks, and highlight their favorite 70s makeup idea inspired by Twiggy, known for her mod makeup style.

Criteria for Choosing Ideas:

The author explains their process for selecting the featured 70s makeup ideas from Instagram. They considered several factors, including the prominent makeup trends of the 70s, the products models used in their looks, and the colors and effects that were popular during that era.

The writer outlines key makeup trends from the 70s and the corresponding looks they inspired:

  • Hippy Trend: Emphasizes a natural makeup look with rosy cheeks, glossy lips, and glowing skin.
  • Psychedelic Trend: Takes the hippy trend further with pastel colors and creative effects.
  • Mod Trend: A high-fashion trend featuring bold lashes and winged eyeliner, originating in the 60s but continuing into the 70s.
  • Disco Trend: Characterized by bright, colorful, and sparkly makeup.

Makeup Products:

The article highlights the makeup products commonly used during the 70s, focusing on those that have similar formulas to the ones available at the time. These products include liquid and powder foundation, blush and highlighter in powder form, mascara, eye shadow in liquid and powder forms, liquid eyeliner, lip gloss/balm, and traditional lipstick (excluding long-wear or matte formulas).

Colors and Effects:

The writer discusses the popular colors of the 70s that they looked for in the featured makeup looks. These colors include rose pink, pastel pink, peach, sapphire blue, pastel blue, teal, chocolate brown, and rich green. Additionally, classic makeup colors like black mascara and eyeliner, smoky eyeshadow, and sheer lip gloss were also prevalent during the era.

Overall, the article aims to provide readers with inspiration for incorporating 70s makeup trends into their modern routines by showcasing various Instagram makeup looks that capture the essence of the decade’s diverse styles.

Favorite 70s Makeup Ideas:

The writer shares their personal favorite 70s makeup ideas sourced from Instagram, highlighting the unique and stylish elements of each look.

Serious Twiggy Love:

The author suggests using this makeup look for the ultimate mod inspiration. They appreciate the model’s pastel green winged and fishtail liner, complemented by fluffy upper and lower lashes. The dewy complexion, rosy cheeks, beige lips, and faux freckles complete the British 70s fashion magazine vibe.

Disco Sparkles:

This look captures the disco spirit with bright and sparkly eyeshadow, reminiscent of a disco ball. The model’s gray/purple top liner blends well with the sparkly gray eyeshadow. Rosy cheeks, natural-colored glossy lips, and less dramatic lashes offer a perfect disco makeup choice.

Groovy Pride:

For Pride season, the rainbow makeup look is highlighted. The model’s eyes stand out, featuring rainbow flower petals beneath them and matching earrings. This look is achievable with black and rainbow-colored eyeliners for drawing the petals under the eyes. The pastel yellow eyeshadow, surrounded by fishtail liner, aligns well with the groovy and psychedelic aesthetics.

Classic 70s:

This classic 70s makeup look represents multiple trends from the era, including smoky eyes, black eyeliner, rosy cheeks, and beige lipstick. The timeless appearance transitions seamlessly from day to night, suitable for various occasions.

Subtle 70s:

The writer emphasizes the subtle hippy look that aligns with the natural movement. The model’s simple makeup includes fluffy mascara, light-colored eyeshadow, intense pink blush, and simple lip gloss or chapstick. This look strikes a balance between the natural hippy style and the bold disco trend.

Flower Power:

This creative makeup look features lime green eyeshadow, black fishtail eyeliner, fluffy lashes, pink blush, and freckles, creating an adorable appearance. The model’s daisy hair accents enhance the springtime vibe.

Natural 70s:

The model’s makeup captures the effortless and beautiful style associated with Woodstock and the hippy movement. The look includes fluffy mascara, natural-colored glossy lips, subtle pink blush, and understated eyebrows.

Divine Worship:

While not a typical 70s look, this makeup captures Divine’s iconic style, known for being a frontrunner in the drag movement. The model’s white-painted face features various colorful designs, including a lightning bolt and heart on the lips. Graphic black eyeliner and standout eyebrows complete the unique appearance.

Psychedelic 70s Eyeshadow:

This makeup look embraces creativity, with hot pink eyeshadow, a multi-colored heart design, and additional artwork around the brow bone. The model’s simple mascara and brows allow the artwork to take center stage.

70s Spring and Summer:

The writer explores a balanced makeup look suitable for spring and summer, capturing a rockstar aesthetic without being overly dramatic. The model sports monochromatic pastel purple eyeshadow and pink lips, creating a chic yet subtle appearance.

Serious Vintage:

The model’s vintage-inspired makeup incorporates peach and burnt orange shades, reminiscent of the 70s era. The look includes peach or burnt orange eyeshadow on the upper and lower lids, mascara, eyebrow filler, and subtle foundation.

Spring and Space 70s Art:

Combining flowers and space-themed elements, this unique look features stars and nebula accents around the eyes. The model’s subtle mascara, peach blush, and burnt red/orange lip gloss complement the intricate eye artwork.

Pastel Blue Eyeshadow:

Pastel blue eyeshadow was a major 70s trend, and this model showcases the look with light blue eyeshadow that makes eyes appear bigger and wider. The addition of subtle black eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow filler, and tinted gloss completes the simple yet colorful look.

70s Natural and Stylish:

This model exemplifies a stylish approach to the no-makeup look of the 70s. The look includes taupe or beige eyeshadow, light eyeliner, natural lashes, light foundation, and beige lipstick, achieving a chic and effortless appearance.

Glamorous Mod:

Combining elements from the 60s and 70s, this look incorporates graphic eyeliner and rich green eyeshadow, capturing the mod and color trends of the era. Subtle peach blush, freckles, drawn-in eyebrows, and a nude lip create a balanced and dramatic appearance.

Each featured makeup idea is accompanied by a credit to the respective Instagram user who showcased the look. The writer’s personal preferences shine through their commentary, allowing readers to explore and appreciate a variety of 70s-inspired makeup styles.

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