Best L’Oreal Lipsticks Guide

Lipstick’s transformative power often goes unnoticed, but it can be the ultimate game-changer in your makeup routine. Whether you’re aiming for a bold, confident look with a striking red or seeking warmth with a rich plum shade during cooler seasons, lip color holds immense potential. And let’s not forget the timeless elegance of nudes and natural hues, perfect for the workplace, effortlessly enhancing the smoothness and polish of your lips.

L’Oréal, a titan in the cosmetics industry, has crafted a diverse range of lipsticks tailored to every lip need, complemented by a stunning array of shades. This guide unveils the best L’Oréal lipsticks, designed to cater to your unique preferences.

Revealing Your Inner Glamour

While my passion for lipstick developed later in my cosmetics journey, I’ve come to appreciate its role. Lipstick isn’t merely about concealing your lips’ natural hue; it’s a canvas to express your personality and mood. It’s that final touch that elevates your style.

L’Oréal, known as the queen of the cosmetic world, has made luxury accessible with its lipsticks, offering affordability without compromising on quality. Experimenting with different shades for various occasions and seasons has never been easier.

Selection Criteria

L’Oréal boasts a diverse range of lipstick lines, each presenting numerous shades. This guide covers every line available on store shelves, including Colour Riche, Infallible, and Age Perfect. Additionally, I’ve curated alternative options based on several key factors:

  • Price Point: Some of the alternatives I’ve included closely match L’Oréal’s pricing, making them convenient choices found alongside L’Oréal products in the cosmetic section.
  • Colour Variety: Recognizing that variety is key when it comes to lip color, I’ve incorporated brands that draw inspiration from the entire color spectrum.
  • Specialized Formulations: Preferences vary when it comes to lipstick textures. While some favor creamy formulas, others lean towards matte or glossy finishes. Rest assured, there’s an option to cater to every preference in this guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

If you’re seeking a lipstick that offers an extensive range of shades without any frills, consider exploring Colour Riche lip colors. Currently, my favorite shade is Plum Explosion. However, if you desire extra nourishment or different textures to suit your individual needs, read on to discover the finest offerings from L’Oréal. Your perfect lip color awaits!

Colour Riche Lip Colour

L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Lipstick boasts an iconic creamy formula that’s cherished by makeup enthusiasts worldwide. Offering an impressive spectrum of over 50 exquisite shades, this line stands out for its exceptional variety. What’s truly remarkable about this lipstick is its ability to deliver rich, vibrant color in just one effortless swipe, all while pampering your lips with moisturizing benefits.

Infused with Vitamin E, this lipstick extends a gentle touch to your lips, devoid of any harsh ingredients that might cause dryness. Whether you crave bold, vivacious hues or prefer the subtlety of nudes, the Colour Riche collection leaves no stone unturned. Additionally, the elegant tube design adds a touch of sophistication, making it your ideal companion for on-the-go touch-ups.


  • A stunning array of classic shades enriched with nourishing Argan oil.
  • Its smudge-resistant formula stays precisely where you apply it.
  • Boasts more than 50 shades across four color families (nudes, berries, reds, and pinks), catering to all skin tones.


  • May not provide long-lasting color retention.

Colour Riche Ultra Matte Lipstick

Matte lips exude an effortlessly chic charm, allowing you to flaunt bold colors in any setting with a refined, matte finish. While the 1990s marked the heyday of matte lipsticks, their resurgence in the 2010s solidified their enduring popularity. What truly enamors me about matte finishes is their remarkable longevity. Unlike high-gloss and creamy formulas that tend to fade, matte formulations transfer less, ensuring the pigment remains vibrant for longer periods.

Though L’Oréal’s range of matte shades is more limited compared to other Colour Riche lines, the available colors offer sufficient diversity. Achieving the perfect matte look entails proper lip exfoliation and hydration to prevent the color from appearing parched.


  • Infused with oils to maintain lip hydration.
  • Gel-based ingredients provide a matte appearance while preserving a smooth texture.
  • Sixteen captivating shades to experiment with.


  • The lipstick’s quality may degrade in the tube over extended periods of non-use.

Infallible 2-Step Lip Colour

This ingenious two-step system is meticulously designed to lock in your lip color, preventing smudging or transfer throughout the day. Initiate with a highly pigmented shade and finalize your look with the color seal balm, which offers the most extended wear experience that L’Oréal has to offer. While I, personally, am not a fan of gloss-like applicators, I did put their pinkish nude shade, Everlasting Caramel, to the test.

The results were astounding, particularly as the color withstood my coffee indulgence. A notable feature is the dual function of the balm, serving not only as a sealant but also as a moisturizer, ensuring your lips remain free of flakes or patchy colors.


  • Remarkable wear time, lasting up to 24 hours!
  • A vast palette of 23 captivating shades to explore.
  • Highly pigmented, necessitating only a thin layer of product.


  • Not a conventional “lipstick,” as it features an applicator reminiscent of lip gloss.

Colour Riche Plump & Shine Lipstick

L’Oréal is not lagging in the realm of plumping lipsticks, but they’re introducing their unique twist. The Colour Riche Plump & Shine lipstick leaves a glossy, radiant finish in its wake. This line is all about enhancing lip volume, providing a tinted allure rather than an intensely pigmented look.

One addictive aspect is the tingling sensation it imparts, a sensation that doesn’t parch your lips—highlighting their commitment to hydration. It emulates the allure of your favorite gloss while bestowing fuller lips without the need for fillers.


  • Infuses your lips with sparkle and luminescence.
  • Offers six shades adaptable to any skin tone.
  • Features packaging that’s utterly swoon-worthy.


  • The lipstick carries a fruit-scented essence, dependent on the shade, which might not be to everyone’s taste.

Brilliant Signature Liquid Lip Colour

The Brilliant Signature Liquid Lip Colour is more than just an eye-catching package (though the tube exudes glamour and boldness). The formula enclosed within delivers unparalleled shine and style. Unlike most glosses, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue; the bold colors feel weightless, as if you’re wearing nothing at all.

My initial apprehension toward lip applicators was swiftly overcome by this line of lip color. Despite the gloss-like application wand, it’s impossible to deny the quality and brilliance of this product. The infused oil lends the formula a smooth and moisturizing texture, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this pigment can endure throughout the day.


  • Available in 12 deeply pigmented shades to fall in love with.
  • Each shade bears a dynamic verb as its name; my personal favorite is “Be Brilliant”—the ultimate power lipstick.
  • Boasts ultra-longevity, ensuring colors stay vibrant without fading.


  • The only minor drawback lies in the applicator, which might not be a dealbreaker for most.

Colour Riche Shine Lipstick

In search of that captivating glossy sheen in a lipstick? Look no further than L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Shine Lipstick, infused with nourishing oils designed not only to hydrate but also to capture and reflect light, keeping all eyes irresistibly fixated on your lips. While the color retains enough pigmentation to impart depth, it exudes the power synonymous with any other lipstick.

The lustrous effect endures, and I adore the moisturizing properties of this line. L’Oréal forgoes wax in favor of oils, crafting a lipstick that not only beautifies but nourishes your lips without any drying effects.


  • Enhances moisture levels without the undesired greasy sensation.
  • A reduced wax content, accompanied by more oil, ensures the color adheres to your lips for longer.
  • Offers a spectrum of gorgeous shades catering to various skin tones.


  • While the shades are stunning, the selection is somewhat limited, potentially constraining your lipstick choices.

Age Perfect Hydrating Core Lipstick

This exquisite line, graced by the iconic Jane Fonda, has won my heart, much like the actress herself. Embracing the unique needs of mature skin, L’Oréal has engineered a lipstick that goes beyond the ordinary. Lips, much like the rest of our complexion, evolve with age, necessitating specialized care. L’Oréal addresses this with a dual-core formula, featuring an exterior rich in pigment and a nourishing serum core. This innovative blend ensures that lipstick stays impeccable on mature skin.

One of the concerns that often plague lipstick wearers is feathering and migration of color, a particularly poignant issue for those of us who have embraced the wisdom of age. Remarkably, this formula checks all the boxes, delivering a satiny finish that’s entirely devoid of stickiness.


  • Enriched with Vitamin B5 for superior hydration.
  • Enhances lips with a natural finish, sans any greasy residue.
  • A long-lasting formula that perseveres for hours.


  • Available in a selection of ten shades.

Alternatives to L’Oréal Lipsticks

As much as I cherish L’Oréal lipsticks, the beauty world is brimming with unique brands that craft exceptional lip products. Some of my preferred alternatives encompass both drugstore gems and high-end treasures, so let’s delve into these captivating options!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Currently, the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, particularly in the mesmerizing shade Plumalicious, reigns as the most frequently used item in my makeup arsenal. This pearlized plum hue seamlessly complements any setting. In terms of consistency, it bears a resemblance to L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Lip Colour, and its pigmentation is nothing short of vibrant.

Offering a staggering array of over 60 shades, this lipstick comes in two distinct finishes: pearl, which imparts a subtle shimmer, and cream, a more traditional texture. I adore its lightweight feel, coupled with its nourishing properties, ensuring my lips stay comfortably moisturized. Living in a dry climate, this lipstick is a lifesaver, providing a much-needed moisture boost without compromising on color quality or weight.


  • Infused with the goodness of Vitamin E and Avocado oil.
  • Resists caking, maintaining its fresh appearance over time.
  • Requires minimal product for a bold statement.


  • Occasional touch-ups may be needed, so it’s advisable to keep the tube on hand.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury has been making waves on TikTok, and their products are earning rave reviews for good reason. I succumbed to the trend and tried the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick, and the hype is well-founded. This formula is exceptionally buildable, allowing you to start with a subtle hint of pigment and effortlessly intensify the color without adding unnecessary weight to your look. I was pleasantly surprised by its endurance, as it weathered my lip-biting and licking during moments of concentration with grace.


  • Boasts an ultra-hydrating formula.
  • Vegan and free from parabens.
  • A selection of eighteen diverse shades to choose from.


  • A more premium price tag.

MAC Lustreglass Lipstick

MAC is an iconic brand renowned for delivering high-quality products at mid-range prices. The MAC Lustreglass Lipstick is a personal favorite due to its creamy, long-lasting formula, featuring everyday shades that effortlessly elevate my makeup, regardless of the occasion. The blend of shine and hydration strikes a perfect balance in this lipstick, and its weightlessness is unmatched. This smooth formula has solidified its place as a timeless go-to in my collection.


  • Enriched with raspberry seed oil and olive oil, resulting in a non-greasy, creamy formulation.
  • Provides long-wearing elegance for everyday wear or special events.
  • Showcases over fifteen diverse shades, spanning from vibrant pinks and reds to flawless nudes.


  • Notably, MAC makeup is not cruelty-free, which may be a drawback for some consumers.

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