Best Maybelline Eye Shadow To Try

Maybelline, the globally renowned makeup brand, has a tagline we all know: “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” It’s a brand that budding makeup artists often begin with due to its affordability. What I appreciate most about this makeup brand is how it empowers people to look and feel their best. A single makeup product can work wonders, and in my case, an eyeshadow palette is the versatile game-changer. It offers a wide range of colors that can transform your bare eyelids into a show-stopping eye makeup look.

Maybelline’s eyeshadow palettes allow you to mix and match colors to your heart’s content. These palettes typically feature shades that are within the same range or complement each other. Personally, I gravitate towards neutral colors, as I prefer a natural look with a touch of freshness. However, you can always opt for bold and vibrant colors to create a dramatic eye look. Feeling adventurous? Experiment by combining dark and light shades. If you’re eager to discover which Maybelline eyeshadow palette suits you best, read on to find out.

Bottom Line Up Front

Among all the Maybelline eyeshadow palettes, my absolute favorite is the Nudes of New York 16 Pan Eyeshadow Palette. These sixteen stunning neutral shades are my go-to for a daily, understated look. With this palette, you can effortlessly mix and match shades while looking absolutely amazing. It includes transition browns, copper and yellow-toned shimmers for that extra pop of color, and even purple shades for when you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your look. What’s even better is that this product has minimal fallout, so you won’t need to worry about cleaning up a mess afterward.

My Top Picks Up Front

  • The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette
  • The 24K Nudes™ Eyeshadow Palette
  • The Blushed Nudes® Eyeshadow Palette
  • The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  • Nudes of New York 16 Pan Eyeshadow Palette
  • Total Temptation™ Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette
  • The City Kits™ All-In-One Eye & Cheek Palette
  • The Matte Bar Eyeshadow Makeup Palette
  • Shadow Block Eyeshadow Makeup Palette
  • Expert Wear® Eyeshadow
  • Shadow Blocks Eyeshadow Palette
  • Color Tattoo Up To 24Hr Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

Picking Out the Best of the Best

Selecting the ideal eyeshadow involves considering numerous factors, as each of us has unique product preferences. Let’s delve into various formulations and color sets for each featured eyeshadow.

Finding the perfect eyeshadow requires time and research. Personally, I favor highly pigmented eyeshadow. Different ingredients and formulas work differently for individuals. While some prefer a sheer eye makeup look, I find chalky or sheer eyeshadows to be less appealing. It’s also essential to assess whether an eyeshadow complements my skin, making the color pop rather than appearing muddy.

Color Payoff and Application

Opt for an eyeshadow palette with a diverse range of hues, allowing for both subtle and bold looks. The best eyeshadow boasts exceptional color payoff, delivering vibrant, deep pigment with a single swipe. If the color transfers effectively from the pan to the brush or finger, it’s undoubtedly a high-quality eyeshadow.

When it comes to application, a good eyeshadow offers versatility. Various methods can be used to apply eyeshadow, such as a makeup brush of your choice—whether flat with a tapered end, a blending brush, or a flat shader brush. To prevent eyeshadow fallout, tap the brush before applying it to your eyelids.

For those on the go, the best applicator isn’t a makeup brush but your fingers. This happens to be my preferred method, particularly with glitter-based shades. While this method picks up the most product, blending can be slightly challenging.

Eyeshadow Type

Eyeshadows come in different types, each offering distinct consistencies and color payoff. Here’s a brief guide to differentiate them:

  • Powder Eyeshadows: These are the most common and beginner-friendly type. They are easy to blend and can be purchased individually or in palettes.
  • Cream Eyeshadows: Ideal for bold and striking looks, cream eyeshadows offer intense color. They are highly pigmented and blend effortlessly. Cream eyeshadows come in pots, tubes, and stick formats.
  • Loose Glitter Eyeshadows: Highly pigmented and finely milled, loose glitter eyeshadows are perfect for dramatic glam looks. They offer that extra pop of sparkle.
  • Liquid Eyeshadows: Available in small, translucent tubes with an applicator wand, liquid eyeshadows are highly pigmented and boast a creamy texture. They are less thick compared to cream eyeshadows.


The research doesn’t end here. Consider the reviews: Are they predominantly positive? What are users saying about the product? Don’t forget to read the comments left by people on the website. Personally, I find it enlightening to learn about others’ experiences with eyeshadow.

Reviews by beauty influencers can also provide valuable insights. They allow you to visualize how the eyeshadow appears on your eyelids, going beyond the brand’s claims.

How I Apply Eyeshadow

My eyeshadow application routine always begins with thorough skin preparation, including my eyelids. Ensuring that my eyelids are prepped and ready to receive any makeup product is crucial. This involves cleansing and moisturizing to create a clean and smooth canvas.

Moving on to the base, I consider applying an eyeshadow primer. When aiming for a more natural makeup look, I tend to skip this step. However, for occasions where I desire an extra pop of color and long-lasting wear, I generously apply eyeshadow primer to prep my eyelids. I blend it seamlessly using either a brush or my fingertips.

With everything set, I kickstart the eyeshadow application by working with a transition shade, typically a neutral brown. This shade is applied to the crease area. Then, I select a darker color in comparison to my transition shade and place it at the corners of my eyes, skillfully blending it into the initial shade.

Subsequently, I opt for a shimmer or metallic shade and pack it onto the center of my eyelids, skillfully working towards achieving a seamless finish. Following this, eyeliner is applied, lashes are curled, and fake lashes are used for that striking dramatic effect. Finally, the look is completed with a coat of mascara.

How I Chose My Top Maybelline Eyeshadows

When selecting my preferred Maybelline eyeshadows, I first examine the palette’s color range to determine how many shades I can utilize effectively. It’s crucial to ensure that the palette offers shades that I can frequently use before they expire, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Additionally, I prioritize quality and authenticity when evaluating Maybelline eyeshadows. While Maybelline products are generally budget-friendly, counterfeit products may still be found on platforms like eBay. Therefore, it’s vital to make purchases from authorized retailers and steer clear of overseas vendors.

In addition to versatility and authenticity, I consider the availability of the eyeshadows. I prefer eyeshadows that are readily accessible, whether at CVS, Walmart, or Target, as Maybelline is one of the top-quality drugstore makeup brands. The extensive range of options available allows for plenty of choices.

For eyeshadow palettes, I often seek those that include both matte and shimmer shades. Reviews play a significant role in my decision-making process, providing insights into how the product performs for other buyers and whether it justifies its price. When making purchases from physical stores, I also like to swatch colors on my hands or arm to assess color payoff.

My Favorite Maybelline Eyeshadows

Prepare to be dazzled as I present my top picks for the best Maybelline eyeshadows currently available.

The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

I have a soft spot for this eyeshadow palette because of its harmonious shade selection. It stands out as one of the few palettes featuring an all-matte lineup. With six versatile pans at your disposal, the creative possibilities are virtually endless. What’s impressive is that the pigments in this palette retain their vibrancy when applied, ensuring long-lasting eye-catching looks.

The pigments themselves exhibit a delightful softness and effortlessly blend with each other, making the application process a breeze. This palette also strikes a balance in terms of pricing and comes in a conveniently compact size, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go touch-ups.

However, one drawback worth noting is the potential for fallout during application. To mitigate this, I recommend applying a primer first and then using a dense brush to deposit the colors onto your lids. Another tip is to tackle your eye makeup before your face to avoid any necessary touch-ups.


  • Long-wearing
  • Versatile for everyday use, featuring one base color, two crease colors, two lid colors, and one liner color.
  • Blendable and creamy texture


  • Potential for fallout
  • Compact packaging
  • No applicator included

The 24K Nudes™ Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette has won me over with its captivating color scheme. It strikes a perfect balance between everyday neutrals and daring, bold shades, making it adaptable to a wide range of makeup looks. Application is a breeze, and I must admit, I’m particularly enamored with the rich brown hues at the top of the palette. The shimmer shades, in particular, deserve a special mention for their delightful, effortless glide across the eyelids.

The palette’s dazzling array of metallics and shimmering nudes offers exceptional versatility. While the colors appear highly pigmented right out of the palette, some, such as the greens and purples, may require a bit of extra effort for optimal results. My advice is to wet your brush before application and apply a gentle amount of pressure when working with these shades.


  • Performs exceptionally well with an eyeshadow primer
  • Features 12 shades in a single palette
  • Smudge-proof


  • Formula can be a tad dry
  • Requires application with a damp brush
  • May appear blotchy and patchy without an eyeshadow primer

The Blushed Nudes® Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging of the Blushed Nudes palette is simply adorable. It boasts a delightful pink hue with a clear, transparent lid that allows you to sneak a peek at the stunning shades inside. What’s particularly commendable is the handy guide on the back, courtesy of Maybelline, which suggests quads, trios, or duos with corresponding shades for easy navigation. This thoughtful touch makes it exceptionally user-friendly, especially for makeup enthusiasts who are still in the learning phase.

One hurdle to overcome with this palette is its pigmentation. While some shades may not deliver the intense color payoff you desire, they remain workable. Applying a primer before dipping into these shades can enhance their adherence and vibrancy. On the bright side, the eyeshadows with shimmers perform admirably.


  • Free from strong scents
  • Complements both warm and cool skin tones
  • Cute and sturdy packaging
  • Easily buildable and applicable


  • Some shades exhibit a chalky texture
  • Not exceptionally long-lasting
  • Occasional difficulty in picking up colors from the pan

The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

What’s appealing about this palette is its versatile array of shades suitable for both everyday and glamorous looks. It strikes a harmonious balance between matte, shimmer, and satin finishes, offering plenty of creative options. Even in the face of sweat-inducing situations, these eyeshadows exhibit impressive longevity, maintaining their allure even after a few hours.

One aspect that leaves room for improvement is the formula. While the shimmer shades are stunning, some users may grapple with fallout issues. It’s worth noting that the pigmentation could have been more robust, especially for those seeking bold, eye-catching looks.


  • Neat and lightweight packaging
  • Pigmented and buildable shades
  • Ideal for everyday wear


  • May not be a show-stopping product
  • Tendency for severe fallout
  • Some shades can be chalky and dusty

Nudes of New York 16 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

Nudes of New York 16 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re on the hunt for highly pigmented neutral and shimmer shades, this eyeshadow palette has you covered. With a versatile selection of sixteen shades, you’ll find it more than capable of fulfilling your makeup desires. The price point is reasonable for the quality and quantity you receive. The shimmer shades, which border on a metallic formula, glide effortlessly across your eyelids, promising an alluring finish.

One minor drawback is the wish for a greater variety of wide-ranging shades, as some within the palette appear nearly identical to each other, particularly among the matte shades.


  • Boasts highly pigmented and stunning shade combinations
  • Exceptionally easy to apply and blend
  • Perfect for achieving neutral glam looks


  • Would benefit from more diverse shade options
  • Crease colors may lack the desired color payoff
  • Colors may not appear as rich as they do in the palette

Total Temptation™ Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette

The concept of a multitasking makeup palette is intriguing, and the Total Temptation™ Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette delivers just that—eyeshadow and highlighter in a single palette. The color payoff on the pan matches the result on your eyes, ensuring a consistent look. Additionally, the packaging exudes a luxurious appeal, adding to its overall charm.

One drawback to this eyeshadow palette is its blending difficulty. Despite experimenting with wet and dry brushes, as well as fingers, achieving a seamless blend can be a challenge. This aspect might disappoint those who were excited about the idea of a combination highlighter and eyeshadow palette.


  • Offers both cool-toned and warm-toned shades
  • Imparts a lovely luminosity to the skin
  • Particularly suitable for individuals with fair complexions


  • Some shades feature glitter topcoats, but their reflection may not translate effectively upon application
  • Susceptible to eyeshadow cracking
  • Exhibits a powdery formula

The City Kits™ All-In-One Eye & Cheek Palette

For makeup beginners, The City Kits™ All-In-One Eye & Cheek Palette can become a holy grail. Much like the Total Temptation palette, this one incorporates another product alongside eyeshadow—a cheek palette. The eyeshadows harmonize beautifully on the eyelids and are exceptionally easy to blend.

However, my experience with this palette left it feeling merely average. Additionally, I encountered an issue with the packaging, as one of the shades within the palette broke with minimal tapping.


  • Offers generously sized pans featuring a range of shades, including blush and highlighter
  • Ideal for those starting their makeup journey
  • Presents soft and subtle colors


  • Packaging aesthetics resemble toy makeup
  • Case is flimsy, with pans breaking even without being dropped
  • Less suitable for individuals with darker complexions

The Matte Bar Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

This eyeshadow palette boasts impressive quality. The colors exhibit excellent pigmentation with minimal fallout. The ten matte shades and their varying sizes offer versatility, catering to both daytime and evening looks. Despite these advantages, blending posed challenges, resulting in patchy application. I found it necessary to use a sponge to achieve the desired level of pigmentation.


  • Minimal creasing
  • Buildable soft shades
  • Chic and sleek packaging


  • Difficult to blend
  • Colors may appear diluted
  • Requires reapplication after a few hours due to fading

Expert Wear® Eyeshadow

Expert Wear® Eyeshadow

For those who favor a natural eye makeup look, the Expert Wear® Eyeshadow is sure to win you over. It strikes a balance between a natural appearance and enough pigment to add a captivating touch to your eyes. Available in a single shade, be sure to select one that aligns with your everyday wear.

The product includes a compact eye applicator sponge that aids in effectively applying the colors to your eyelids. An added advantage is the creamy formula, ensuring smooth application.

However, there are some reservations, particularly concerning certain shades in the Expert Wear eyeshadow range. Notably, the yellow shade can appear chunky, with inconsistent color payoff. While this may be attributed to the formulation, it can be somewhat disappointing.


  • Velvety texture and super-saturated colors
  • Highly pigmented in a single swipe
  • Long-wearing, ideal for special occasions


  • Inconsistent formula compared to other shades
  • Less travel-friendly due to single-shade packaging
  • Discontinuation of some beloved shades (e.g., Earthly Taupe, NY Silver)

Shadow Blocks Eyeshadow Palette

Shadow Blocks Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging of the Shadow Blocks Eyeshadow Palette exudes a cool and compact design. Its three-stacked, pocket-sized structure ensures it takes up minimal space in your makeup collection. Inside, you’ll find two matte shades and one shimmer, all of which are user-friendly, with exquisite color payoffs.

However, despite its merits, this palette has a tendency to crease on the eyelids. To mitigate this, applying a primer before use is recommended.


  • Nice and smooth formula
  • Creative and unique packaging
  • Ideal for achieving a natural everyday look


  • Colors are impressive but not long-lasting
  • Bulkier case may not be travel-friendly
  • Somewhat drying on the eyes

Color Tattoo Up To 24Hr Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

Color Tattoo Up To 24Hr Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

Color Tattoo Up To 24Hr Longwear Cream Eyeshadow stands out as one of the cream eyeshadows on my list. Similar to Expert Wear eyeshadow, it features a single shade rather than a complete palette. Despite this, it facilitates remarkably easy application, whether you choose to use your finger or a brush.

With its shimmery finish, it delivers just the right amount of color to the eyelids, all while ensuring a matte finish that guards against creasing. However, this eyeshadow may not be the best choice for a workday look. Some shades lean excessively shimmery or matte, making mixing and matching a challenge. Additionally, certain shades may not align with their online color representations, underscoring the importance of checking reviews.


  • Long-lasting wear throughout the day
  • Smudge-proof and transfer-proof
  • Easy application with lasting results


  • Quick drying formula
  • Susceptible to significant fallout, potentially creating a mess
  • Limited variety in color options

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