Best Purple Lipsticks Guide: Which Hue Will You Choose?

Purple lipsticks have transcended specific mindsets or subcultures, proving their versatility across various occasions. With a flattering purple tone for every skin color, the choice to wear purple lipstick ultimately hinges on personal preference and the simple question: do you enjoy rocking purple lips? While bolder than nude shades, makeup is about fun, confidence, and breaking norms.

Purple lipsticks span a spectrum of shades and formulations, from matte liquid lipsticks and bullets to sheer hues and glossy violets. The array caters to diverse preferences, repurchases, and newfound statements.

Bottom Line Up Front

Purple lipsticks are a bold choice that exudes daring. To dive into the enchanting world of purples, consider starting with Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in the Creator shade and Kiko Milano Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 09.

My Favorite Purple Lipstick

In truth, all of them! Purple lipsticks have consistently made a statement for me, and a violet shade is a must in my kit. Seeing others embrace different purple shades is equally enthralling. Though discovering the right shade may entail a bit of exploration, locating an ideal formula for rebuying is entirely feasible. My purple fascination ignited when I acquired MAC’s Asian Flower lipstick during a layover in Amsterdam. Despite its name’s ambiguity, MAC eventually discontinued it, marking the first lipstick I exhausted before its expiry date. The first four entries on this list are my top recommendations: • Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink: Creator • Jeffree Star The Gloss: Dirty Royalty • Kiko Milano Smart Fusion: 426 • Kiko Milano Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour: 09

How To Wear a Purple Lipstick

Confidence and a smile are the key complements to the best lipstick. Makeup amplifies confidence, accentuates desired features, and can be the life of the party. It’s an inclusive art, as is the color purple. Pair a purple lip with a smoky eye, a sleek black eyeliner wing, vibrant eye looks for pride, a full-face glam, or even just mascara and blush. These options harmonize splendidly with a subtle touch of purple.

Best Purple Lipsticks

With my affinity for purple lipsticks and considering the industry’s tendency to discontinue products, especially post-pandemic, I embarked on a quest for dupes and alternatives to cherished lipsticks. The following selections are crowned the best purples due to their enduring quality and value. Inclusion of liquid formulas such as Maybelline Matte Ink and Jeffree Star The Gloss is intentional, showcasing their enchanting finishes ideal for anyone seeking a purple lipstick that truly resonates.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Creator

Adding to the volumes written about this Maybelline cult classic is a testament to its enduring popularity. Originating in the era of Tumblr, long before TikTok dance trends emerged, Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink has stood the test of time and continues to captivate makeup enthusiasts.

The Super Stay Matte Ink is a dry-down matte formula that boasts exceptional longevity. Its resilience allows you to eat, dance, kiss, and even wear a mask without fretting about smudging. While some predict the wane of matte lipsticks, this trailblazing gem remains a staple in many collections due to its durability and style.

Characterized by a vivid purple merged with fuchsia undertones, the Super Stay offers a bold statement. Maybelline’s user-friendly applicators are convenient, though some prefer a lip liner as a precaution against feathering. This lipstick’s vivacious hue harmonizes with a variety of vibrant ensembles, making a powerful purple statement.

As an indispensable contender in my lipstick arsenal, I wholeheartedly endorse the Super Stay. It introduced me to the Super Stay Matte Ink line without the balmy component on the opposite end—a range more accessible in Europe.


  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • Gorgeous color payoff
  • One-swipe application


  • Initial consistency can be slightly tacky as it dries
  • Removal can pose a challenge at day’s end

Jeffree Star The Gloss in Dirty Royalty

Embracing a former infatuation with Jeffree Star Cosmetics during my youthful days, I stumbled upon The Gloss while traveling. Without in-store testing, I purchased it and savored its use over a substantial period. The Gloss proved its mettle independently and as an overlay atop other lipsticks for a voluminous effect.

Though I’ve yet to explore the newer glosses in the line, Dirty Royalty reigns as THE violet gloss for me. One can only hope this color maintains its production, as the world deserves to revel in its exquisite packaging and splendid formula. Its durability outshines many other glosses, and the absence of stickiness enhances its allure.

Delivering complete coverage in a single swipe, The Gloss manifests a hue more substantial than sheer, yet still exudes subtlety. The color payoff remains shimmer-free and glitterless—a rarity in a gloss that is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Irrespective of personal sentiments toward Jeffree Star, his company has birthed noteworthy products that have withstood time’s scrutiny, with The Gloss occupying an esteemed position.


  • Stunning color payoff
  • Luxurious and distinctive packaging
  • Gentle texture on the lips


  • Potential discontinuation of the Gloss line by the company
  • Marketing imagery may not accurately depict the color

Kiko Milano Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 09

My attraction to this peculiar purple hue intensified as I examined my lipstick collection and swatches online. The allure of finding the perfect purple shade, especially one that translates flawlessly to the lips, is undeniable. This unconventional purple liquid lipstick from Kiko Milano, known as Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour, enraptured my attention.

While not as enduring as Maybelline’s offering, this Kiko Milano contender commendably secures second place in the endurance category. With a consistent affinity for Kiko Milano products, this brand is my reliable recommendation and exploration choice. I’ve embraced several shades from this collection, even repurchasing their vibrant blue shade twice over.

Although the Kiko Milano website categorizes this lipstick as mauve, it’s more accurately a subdued yet captivating purple— a shade I wholeheartedly endorse to friends. The packaging has retained its charm for years and seems to predate the aesthetic trends recently seen in REM Beauty. Kiko Milano managed to execute this style earlier and arguably better, as suggested by the reviews.

Delving into Kiko Milano’s knack for crafting impressive dupes for pricier alternatives only reinforces my confidence in the brand. Exceptional quality, enduring performance, and reasonable pricing abound, accompanied by enticing sales.


  • Noteworthy longevity
  • Nearly weightless texture on the lips
  • Resistant to fading over time


  • Website representations of color may diverge from reality
  • Naming conventions could be more imaginative

Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick in 426

Kiko Milano’s Smart Fusion lineup exudes excellence. As an advocate of variety, I’ve embraced and depleted numerous shades within this selection, as it boasts an expansive spectrum that generously accommodates captivating purples. This collection offers affordability coupled with a rich palette of options; when alternative brands falter, Smart Fusion unfailingly provides the ideal shade.

Boasting an uncomplicated yet excellent lipstick texture, the Smart Fusion doesn’t attempt to emulate specific finishes. It confidently embodies the essence of a lipstick. Interestingly, the label erroneously identifies this lipstick as pink, while the result is a strikingly vivid purple. This captivating shade, in its simplicity, bolsters self-assurance in one’s appearance—an attribute I consider paramount.


  • Effortless application
  • Widely available across Kiko Milano stores
  • A staple within Kiko Milano’s product offerings


  • Lacks an overt high-end allure
  • Could offer a more enduring finish

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Amethyst Shimmer

Regrettably, the availability of Rimmel lipsticks is somewhat limited in my local stores. However, during my time in the UK, I harbored a profound affinity for Rimmel, stemming from nostalgic visits to London. The sentimentality attached to Rimmel, particularly its collaborations with Kate Moss, remains indelible. While figures like Rita Ora and Georgia May Jagger endeavored to perpetuate the brand’s allure, Kate Moss undoubtedly shines as the true luminary.

Amidst the search for past purple lipsticks, I uncovered the shade Amethyst Shimmer—a hue that evokes warm memories of my London escapades. Rimmel lipsticks encapsulate a sense of nostalgia and an olfactory signature that transcends time. My collection even includes a cherished Kate Moss 01 in red, preserved for its sentimental value following its recent discontinuation.

Amethyst Shimmer boasts a captivating shimmer, transcending sheer presentation with its bold impact. This color radiates a statement-making vibrancy, igniting a luminous essence. Embracing it unearths nostalgia, ignites fresh affection, or simply satiates your desire. Rimmel consistently pens enduring chapters in the beauty narrative.


  • Offers remarkable value
  • Nourishing texture sans drying effects
  • Exhibits enduring staying power


  • Occasional challenges in locating the product
  • Uniform packaging aesthetics

MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroine

During my pursuit of the quintessential purple lipstick, I hovered on the precipice of purchasing MAC’s Heroine—only to be thwarted by its sold-out status. The makeup counter attendant valiantly endeavored to promote the lip liner, but I politely declined, subsequently opting for a violet hue from NYX on the same day. My gaze frequently returns to Heroine, lingering on the moment of ultimate commitment.

Heroine epitomizes the quintessential bright matte purple, evoking envy and admiration in equal measure. Much like Ruby Woo’s supremacy in the realm of MAC reds (despite my personal preference for Russian Red), Heroine is MAC’s veritable purple triumph. This iconic shade boasts a characteristic MAC texture that imparts an opulent sensation upon application. The indulgence of a MAC lip product is unparalleled in terms of luxuriousness and non-drying attributes.


  • Embodies a classic, iconic brand
  • Delivers consistent excellence over time
  • Exudes a luxurious feel on the lips


  • Less subdued purples are relatively scarce in the market
  • Slightly pricey for a matte lipstick

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst

The realm of purple lipstick nomenclature seldom embraces creativity, resulting in numerous iterations christened “Amethyst.” The discourse surrounding lipstick names is fraught with myriad opinions—numbers, shade descriptions, creative monikers, or suggestive appellations? Amidst the myriad perspectives, the name “Amethyst” proliferates, underscoring its ubiquity. NYX’s Liquid Suede lineup fluctuates between success and mediocrity, with certain shades effectively realizing the promise of matte without the dry aftermath.

My enduring relationship with NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst spans years, extending back to its initial release. This provocative shade, bold and alluring, boasts stunning pigmentation that complements its luscious feel on the lips. Despite eschewing stickiness, the formula falls short of achieving its matte aspirations, a characteristic that should be taken into account. However, its remarkable visual impact and good value render it an attractive option.


  • Confers comfort to the lips
  • Non-drying texture
  • Renders exceptional color payoff


  • The matte finish remains elusive
  • Color transfer poses a concern

NYX Suede Matte Lipstick in Violet Smoke

NYX’s Suede Matte Lipstick lineup adheres steadfastly to its stated goals. This mattifying purple lipstick garners its matte appearance without parching the lips. This version represents an enhancement over its predecessor, which perpetually fell short of realizing true matte aesthetics.

Violet Smoke, a shade more subtle than Amethyst, extends a gradual introduction to the realm of purples, with a more budget-friendly choice.


  • Light on the wallet
  • Matte bullet lipstick format
  • Readily available


  • Bears a pronounced fragrance
  • Texture leans slightly drier compared to other lipstick formulas

KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick in Womanism

My adoration for the Epic Kiss formula knows no bounds. As KVD Beauty endeavors to reclaim its former glory following changes in ownership, it’s imperative that the products preceding this shift be acknowledged for their brilliance. This line, epitomized by Womanism, beautifully marries pigmentation with lip nourishment, transcending mere lip masks.

For those seeking an opulent plum purple, Womanism stands as a comprehensive solution, adorning lips with health and resplendence. The slim packaging, while initially delicate, endures admirably, serving as a steadfast companion. With my first tube still intact, my curiosity is piqued, urging me to explore additional shades.


  • Yields remarkable color payoff
  • Infuses lips with nourishing benefits
  • Evokes a sumptuous feel on the lips


  • Slim packaging necessitates multiple swipes for full coverage
  • A superfluous abundance of studs in the packaging design

KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Roxy

The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick arguably achieves what NYX Liquid Suede Amethyst aspired to—matte, enduring allure. The outcome reflects a liquid lipstick with a vinyl sheen, a distinctive aesthetic I personally appreciate. This KVD Beauty offering mirrors a high-end analogue to NYX’s version.

Roxy, an entrancing shade of purple akin to Amethyst, conveys a bold statement. KVD’s Liquid Lipsticks, coupled with Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks, facilitated the liquid lipstick renaissance that revolutionized the beauty industry.

This shade’s allure is compounded by its resilience and user-friendly applicator, delivering an unparalleled package. I fervently hope this beloved hue remains untouched amidst the ongoing rebranding efforts.


  • Boasts remarkable staying power
  • Tender on the lips
  • Achieves matte aesthetics without inducing dryness


  • Ongoing rebranding poses uncertainty over the product’s future
  • Packaging lacks novelty

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