Butterfly Eyeliner Ideas: My Top 11 Choices  

Mastering the art of perfect eyeliner application is a skill that can boost your confidence and transform your look. While the classic black winged eyeliner is a timeless choice, sometimes it’s exciting to experiment with new styles. Enter the captivating world of butterfly eyeliner – a trend that offers a myriad of creative possibilities. If you’re seeking inspiration to create your unique butterfly eyeliner, explore the following ideas.

Selection Criteria

In curating these eleven butterfly eyeliner looks, I adhered to specific selection criteria to ensure a diverse and inspiring collection for all enthusiasts.

  • Unique Inspirations: Each chosen look embodies a distinct and imaginative interpretation of butterfly eyeliner. These designs break away from the ordinary, offering fresh and captivating concepts.
  • Versatile Options: The selection encompasses a wide spectrum of colors, shapes, and sizes. This diversity empowers you to select the style that complements your unique preferences and enhances your natural beauty.
  • Inclusivity for All: Catering to a broad audience, the chosen butterfly eyeliner ideas include options suitable for both beginners and individuals with different eye types. These designs ensure that everyone can discover an appealing style that suits their skill level and eye shape.

Butterfly Eyeliner Ideas

Pink Butterfly Eyeliner

The pink butterfly eyeliner is a whimsical choice, perfect for those who adore vibrant hues. This three-color combination transcends the traditional black eyeliner. To recreate this look, you’ll need white, black, and pink eyeliners.

Begin by applying black eyeliner above the crease, extending it to the end of your upper lash line. Follow this with a white line slightly above the black. Fill the space between with pink eyeliner. For the lower wing, start at the end of your bottom lash line and create a heart shape, leaving it open. Repeat this pattern with pink and white lines above.

While it may take some practice, perfecting this look is worth the effort. Drawing three distinct lines in varying shapes requires patience, but practice indeed makes perfect.

Small Butterfly Eyeliner

The small butterfly eyeliner is ideal for those with hooded eyes or anyone seeking a more subtle style. This design features a single bottom wing and a regular eyeliner on the top lash line. Fill the eyeliner with your chosen color and replicate it on the lower wing.

Enhance the look by adding inner lines and yellow dots, ensuring precision to prevent smudging. The bottom wing has a leaf-like shape, showcasing that butterfly wings need not be flawless to appear stunning. This minimalistic eyeliner suits crafty beginners looking for an elegant yet straightforward style.

Black and White Butterfly Eyeliner

For a striking and eye-catching appearance, consider the black and white butterfly eyeliner. This look is perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or when you want to stand out. The large wing dominates the eyelid, extending beyond the regular cat wing. While you can opt for butterfly wings without the cat wing, the combination offers a captivating effect.

To execute this style, ensure precision while drawing the wing, as it reaches up to your eyebrow and ends in the inner corner. Use a thin white eyeliner for the dots. While black and white create a classic contrast, experimenting with different dot colors, such as a rainbow palette, can yield astonishing results. The smaller bottom butterfly wing resembles a halved leaf, making it relatively easy to recreate, even for beginners.

Mint and Teal Butterfly Eyeliner

For an artistic and dramatic flair, consider the mint and teal butterfly eyeliner. Vibrant eyeshadows in these colors complement the graphic eyeliner, with classic black forming the butterfly wings. Start from the inner corner and trace above your brow, making it ideal for hooded eyes.

The upper wing concludes at the outer corner, where you should begin the lower wing. The butterfly wing shape demands precision but can be a rewarding challenge. For an artistic touch, embellish the look with inner lines and rhinestones to add sparkle. While the featured colors are vibrant, you can opt for a more subtle palette, as the larger wings suit various hues.

Orange Double Butterfly Eyeliner

The orange double butterfly eyeliner boasts intriguing colors and dual wings on the bottom lash line. The bottom wings open your eyes, making them appear larger, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an eye-enhancing effect.

Recreate this look by drawing a classic cat eyeliner, but extend it below your eyebrow instead of stopping above the crease. Add another line that terminates at the inner corner, forming two small triangles for the bottom wings. Ensure the second one ends in the middle of your eyelash, not at the inner corner.

This look beautifully showcases orange and yellow shades while rhinestones add an extra layer of intrigue.

Blue and Pink Butterfly Eyeliner

The blue and pink butterfly eyeliner is perfect for those who prefer colorful eyeliners over classic black or white. It demonstrates how two colorful eyeliners can combine to create an artistic masterpiece on your eyelids.

Begin by meticulously following the lines with an outer and inner line. The addition of blue rhinestones and false eyelashes enhances the drama. While the featured colors are stunning, this style can accommodate various color combinations, making it versatile and customizable.

Black Butterfly Eyeliner with Facial Rhinestones

This chic and feminine butterfly eyeliner look stands out due to its unique design and the precision required for smaller lines. The butterfly wing doesn’t extend all the way to the inner corner but ends abruptly in the middle of the eyelid. The sparkling eyeshadow and rhinestones elevate the overall effect.

While the bottom wing may be slightly more challenging to recreate, starting with the upper lid is advisable. This look exudes a pixie-like charm and ranks among the most iconic butterfly eyeliner styles.

Lower Lash Butterfly Eyeliner

Who says you need two wings to create a butterfly? The lower lash butterfly eyeliner defies convention by drawing eyeliner exclusively on the bottom eyelash.

This style offers a unique option for those with hooded eyes or those desiring subtler butterfly wings. Draw the butterfly on the bottom eyelash and divide it into smaller sections for added visual interest. The pink and blue color scheme is visually striking, but you can choose alternative shades. This look is accessible to recreate, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts.

Huge Butterfly Eyeliner

While we’ve discussed smaller wings, why not explore extra-large wings for those seeking a canvas-like eyelid? The oversized wings may require precision and time, but if you’re adept at various eyeliner shapes, this style can be mastered.

What’s particularly appealing about this look is its resemblance to a face tattoo, exuding a cool and chic vibe. The ample space allows for diverse color, rhinestone, or dot applications.

Goth Butterfly Eyeliner Look

Goth Butterfly Eyeliner Look

The goth butterfly eyeliner look is ideal for those who prefer working solely with black eyeliner. You need not fill in the butterfly wings; instead, focus on drawing precise, intricate lines.

This look is perfect for an all-black ensemble, and a thin and precise eyeliner, such as the Blinc ultra-thin eyeliner pen, is recommended. Commence with thicker lines before adding finer ones. This style demands skill and patience but rewards you with a unique and striking appearance.

Neon White Butterfly Eyeliner Look

Embrace the vibrancy of neon colors with the white and purple combination of the neon white butterfly eyeliner. This look is perfect for those who wish to leave a lasting impression.

The purple shades complement the white neon eyeliner beautifully. Begin by creating the outer butterfly wing with neon eyeliner, starting from the inner corner. The wing extends above the brow and is slightly larger than other styles, making it suitable for hooded eyes. Add inner lines and rhinestones for a touch of sparkle.

The neon white butterfly eyeliner combines artistic flair with vibrant colors, and larger wings simplify the application process.

Each of these butterfly eyeliner looks offers a unique opportunity for self-expression and creativity. Whether you’re drawn to bold, colorful designs or prefer the elegance of black eyeliner, there’s a butterfly style that suits your taste and skill level. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to achieve your desired butterfly eyeliner look.

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