Cover Girl+Olay Simply Ageless 3 in 1 Liquid Foundation Review

A close examination of the CoverGirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Foundation, a product that has garnered substantial attention, reveals its promise to not only enhance skin tone but also diminish the appearance of wrinkles, firm the skin, and maintain hydration throughout the day. The allure of these claims begs the question: does this foundation truly live up to its reputation? To address this, I embarked on a personal trial. Although my age is 29 and my skin cannot be classified as mature (despite occasionally feeling older than my years), I possess acne scars and often resort to products targeted at mature skin to counteract these scars and prevent makeup from settling into fine lines. EDIT: A subsequent use of this foundation led to skin breakouts. Hence, I advise against its use for individuals with acne-prone skin.

Highlighted Features

• Enhances skin tone
• Reduces wrinkles’ visibility
• Variety of shades available
• Provides skin hydration
• Cruelty-free


• Ideal for mature skin and acne scars
• Long-lasting coverage
• Effective coverage
• Remarkably moisturizing


• Initial slight cakey appearance
• Lack of resources for shade selection from CoverGirl

The CoverGirl website touts the foundation’s potential to bestow a youthful radiance while minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, the foundation aims to hydrate and illuminate the skin, resulting in a smooth and impeccable complexion. The promise of a revitalized and more youthful appearance is certainly enticing.

Purchasing the Foundation

Locating CoverGirl products is a seamless endeavor, with the brand readily available at various outlets. My acquisition took place at a local Walgreens, and while the price of this foundation slightly surpasses typical CoverGirl offerings at $18, it remains competitively priced. To draw a comparison, the Sephora foundation I favor only bears a slightly heftier price tag than the Simply Ageless variant. Nonetheless, I must express a reservation regarding CoverGirl’s lack of resources for shade selection. My search on their website yielded no results, leaving me to contend with inadequate samples and scarce mirrors. The quest to determine my suitable shade involved holding the foundation bottle to my face, a somewhat unconventional approach.

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Challenges in Application

Notably, this foundation boasts a remarkably thick consistency, exceeding my expectations in this regard. Upon dispensing two pumps onto my wrist, I found the quantity to be excessive. The thickness of the formula translates to a slightly prolonged blending process. For optimal results, I suggest employing a clean foundation brush for application. It is worth acknowledging that some reviewers achieved excellent results with a Beauty Blender. The thick consistency is primarily attributed to Cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone compound serving to enhance the foundation’s texture. Although generally not hazardous to health, this ingredient may provoke mild irritation in certain individuals. Interestingly, silicone-based foundations are not unprecedented; Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation, a personal favorite, shares the same silicone compound as its principal ingredient. The initial cakey appearance is worth noting; however, this effect dissipates upon blending.

Coverage Assessment

Impressively, the foundation provides commendable coverage, falling within the medium-to-full spectrum while remaining easily blendable. It is noteworthy that I successfully concealed a blemish without resorting to additional concealer. The foundation’s adeptness in blurring imperfections stands out as its most commendable attribute. Notably, I employed a basic Mac primer without incorporating any pore-minimizing variants. Nonetheless, the foundation remarkably diminished the visibility of my acne scars, outperforming my Make Up For Ever foundation in this aspect.

End Result: The Finish

Despite its moisturizing formulation, the foundation culminates in a matte finish—a favorable outcome. While my skin tends towards dryness, I prefer avoiding dewy finishes. Reiterating my prior observation, the foundation effectively camouflaged my acne scars despite exhibiting initial cakey tendencies. Once blended, this effect vanished entirely. Marketed towards mature individuals, I find it apt for achieving a natural-looking coverage that extends to younger individuals bearing acne scars, akin to myself.

Addressing the Aroma

A pertinent point of contention pertains to the fragrance. A distinct fresh, almost laundry-like scent permeates the foundation. While it did not significantly deter me, I encountered confusion at the novelty of scented foundations. This could potentially prove problematic for individuals with sensitivities to fragrance, warranting caution during the purchase decision.

Endurance Over Extended Wear

The foundation showcased commendable longevity over several hours of wear, retaining its integrity without fading or oxidizing. Nevertheless, it’s essential to bear in mind that I remained indoors on the day of my trial. With temperatures cooling in Florida, subjecting the foundation to more rigorous conditions—referred to as the “swamp heat” test—will provide a more conclusive assessment of its endurance.

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An important consideration for some reviewers is the foundation’s susceptibility to oxidation. While I personally did not experience this issue frequently, those familiar with foundation oxidation should weigh this aspect before committing to purchase. Of paramount concern for me was the potential for breakouts. My experience with drugstore foundations, including CoverGirl, Revlon, and L’Oreal, culminated in skin breakouts. An exception was Physician’s Formula, although it exhibited pronounced cakey attributes. Gratifyingly, the Simply Ageless foundation avoided any adverse impact on my skin. Here’s hoping it maintains this positive outcome during subsequent applications.

Guidance for Optimal Utilization

While I hold a positive view of this foundation, I’d like to offer some advice to maximize its benefits. Discrepancies between my approach and that of other reviewers necessitate addressing certain factors.


Before applying makeup, pre-moisturizing the skin is a paramount step. This practice, which I consistently endorse, significantly contributes to an enhanced makeup application. Despite the hyaluronic acid content in this foundation, user reviews noted instances of skin dryness. To circumvent this, I utilized my preferred moisturizer, Neutrogena’s Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream, to maintain optimal skin hydration.

Effective Primer:

A dependable primer is indispensable for any foundation application, cultivating a smooth canvas for makeup while enhancing longevity. This becomes even more crucial in light of potential issues such as oxidation and fading, pertinent to this foundation. While Mac’s Prep + Prime Primer proved effective for my purposes, other excellent options exist, such as Tarte’s Timeless Smoothing Primer or Smashbox primers. For those seeking more budget-friendly alternatives, Elf’s quality primers offer an economical option. The corresponding primer by CoverGirl is also worth considering.

Sealing the Foundation:

In addition to priming, sealing the foundation with a suitable powder mitigates shine, prevents transfer, and certain powders even possess blurring capabilities. Despite the matte nature of this foundation, a high-quality powder is essential to prevent slippage. I personally endorse Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinishing Loose Powder. Additionally, CoverGirl offers a corresponding powder that complements this foundation.

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Setting Spray Essentials:

To conclude foundation application, setting spray plays a crucial role. Formulated with unique ingredients, setting spray extends foundation life and safeguards against creasing and smudging, maintaining a fresh appearance. While upscale setting sprays are available, the economical Rimmel Stay Matte Fix & Go Setting Spray remains a personal favorite, effectively serving its purpose. It’s worth mentioning that the spray’s consistency is denser in comparison to prestigious alternatives. Opting for a finer mist, such as Urban Decay’s setting spray, provides an alternative.

Exploring Alternatives

Although I hold a favorable opinion of this foundation, I recognize that alternative options are available. The following alternatives are worth considering:

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream: For individuals seeking tone correction in an anti-aging foundation, this product is a prudent choice. Given Olay’s collaboration with CoverGirl, it’s only fitting that they produce a high-quality offering. While slightly pricier, this CC cream is weightless, features SPF protection, offers moisturization, presents seven skincare benefits, and imparts an even-toned, radiant complexion. However, its coverage might fall short compared to the CoverGirl foundation, making it a potential option for use as a primer.

Clinique Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup: For those genuinely seeking an efficacious anti-aging foundation, the Clinique option merits consideration. Pricier than the CoverGirl counterpart at $34, it contains potent ingredients that moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, promoting a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, the foundation provides full coverage, concealing imperfections while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

CoverGirl Outlast Extreme Wear 3-in-1 Foundation: Recognizing my favorable view of CoverGirl foundations, I recommend a more budget-friendly option for those who may not require extensive skincare benefits. This foundation functions as a primer, foundation, and concealer, offering remarkably full coverage while preserving a natural appearance. It remains lightweight and comfortable on the skin, with a non-cakey finish. Additionally, it includes SPF protection for added benefits.