HodgeTwins Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Parents, Wife

HodgeTwins are renowned YouTube personalities often known as the Conservative Twins. They are most well-known for their knowledge of fitness and stand-up comedy. In addition, the pair provides commentary on political problems. In addition, they are budding entrepreneurs who own an entertainment company and Hodgetwin fitness.

HodgeTwins Age

Can you estimate the age of the handsome men? They were born on September 17, 1975. Every year, the pair celebrates their birthdays on the same day. They reached the age of 47 in 2022. They have the zodiac sign, Virgo.

Weight and Height

The remarkable height of the HodgeTwins is 6 feet 3 inches, and their weight is approximately 93 kg. Being exercise lovers, the twins have maintained a muscular physique with carved abs and biceps. In addition, they carefully monitor their food and adhere to rigorous eating habits.

What is HodgeTwins Net Worth?

As of 2022, the HodgeTwins have amassed a net worth of more than $4 million through their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. Their primary source of income is through their YouTube channels, which include HodgeTwins, AskHodgeTwins, Hodgetwins vlogs, TwinMuscle, and many others. This has amassed a significant amount of money over the previous several years.

The pair also generates money via their live stand-up comedy performances. Additionally, the couple owns fitness products. In addition, they get income through brand endorsements and ads.

  • Value of $4 million
  • Estimated Salary $80,000 per month
  • Annual Profits of $1 Million
  • Updated in 2022

Family and Childhood

Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge were born in Martinsville, Virginia, United States. They have two older siblings, a brother and a sister, with whom they grow up. Growing up, the family’s financial position was difficult. Therefore, the twins had to endure great difficulty to get even the most fundamental essentials. Their youth prepared them for the challenges of an adult.

They dual graduated in finance and accounting degree from American Intercontinental University. Before entering the business world, the pair served in the US Marines. They joined a banking firm after graduation but left to pursue their interests in fitness and entertainment.

Profession on YouTube

HodgeTwins began their YouTube career in 2008 when they uploaded their debut video, which rapidly connected with the public and became popular on YouTube. This inspired them to put more effort into their films and to expand their material. In addition to their comedic videos, they gained popularity for their muscular physique. They then founded TwinMuscle, a website where they provide fitness tips and training videos.

Later in 2014, they became internationally famous and began appearing on television programs. In addition, they began brand endorsement arrangements and advertising. Eventually, the twins developed a line of branded clothes and other fitness-related products. They want to inspire individuals to adhere to a fitness regimen. In addition, the twins also present live stand-up comedy and are renowned for their political commentary.

Spouse and Kids

The twins are extremely inseparable and have a strong relationship; they also reside in the same townhouse. Additionally, they have accepted life as married guys. They are committing themselves to their duties as husband and parent.

Keith Hodge married his closest friend of eighteen years, Elizabeth. They have a lovely family of three children. Kevin, too, has a lovely married life. However, he has not yet disclosed the identity of his wife. Despite this, the couple had four children.

Factual Particulars

  • The Hodge twins have been featured on the cover of the magazine TRAIN and are certified ISSA trainers.
  • The twins appeared as guests on The Fighter and the Kid, a comedy podcast.

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