Laura Savini Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio

Laura Savini is an enthusiastic American filmmaker who is well-known as a television personality. Laura is best known as the spouse of the internationally renowned singer Jimmy Webb. She has done an excellent job as a director on films such as Visions of Italy and Northern Style.

Laura Savini Age

Laura Savini has yet to disclose her whole birth date. As of 2023, we know her true age is 50 years old. Even though we do not know her birthday, certain media sites have discovered that her zodiac sign is Leo.

As a Leo, Laura has special characteristics such as a courageous and trustworthy personality. It also suggests that her birth month might be either August or July.

Weight and Height

Laura Savini is of average height at 5 feet and 5 inches. The overall mass of her body is 55 kg. Laura has blonde hair and large, brilliant blue eyes.

One of Savini’s distinguishing characteristics is her tiny eyebrow. She wears jewelry and neckpieces often. Her workout activities and nutrition programs have yet to be available to the general public.

What is Laura Savini’s Net Worth?

Laura Savini has a net worth of $600 thousand in 2023. Her major source of income is her involvement in television shows. Her media career has also been financially beneficial.

In addition, Laura operates her businesses and serves as a director for many corporations. It adds directly to her net worth since it lets her earn on a substantial scale.

  • $600 000 in net worth
  • Estimated Salary of $200,000 per year
  • Current Residence: New York, U.S.

Wikipedia, Early Life and Biography

Laura Savini was born in the United States to a mixed household. We can only speculate about her upbringing since she has yet to reveal a single detail about it. No information is available on her parents or siblings.

We have yet to determine if or whether she has siblings. Laura is extremely private, and she never disclosed her personal information to the media. Savini really should have attended a nearby primary school as a youngster.

Then, it is conceivable that she majored in marketing, given her works are relevant to the subject. However, Laura Savini still needs to disclose her academic credentials, making it difficult to estimate her education. Currently, she resides in New York.

Occupational Life

Laura Savini began her career as the director of marketing and communications at WLIW, the New York PBS station. While working there, she honed her media and presentation abilities. That encouraged her to attempt direction.

Then, Laura chose to become a director and executed various projects magnificently. This is Ragtime: The Birth of American Music, Southern Style, Visions of Italy, etc., including her work. Savini has furthermore worked for CTPV National Productions.

Children, Marriage and Spouse

Laura Savini is currently married to Jimmy Layne Webb, her spouse. These two tied the wedding in October 2004 and have remained married since. After Laura contacted Webb for her television program, their romance began.

However, it wasn’t their first meeting since they had met before in 1999. Despite all these years of marriage, the couple has no offspring. Jimmy is their first and only husband of Laura.

Factual Details

• Laura Savini’s measurements seem to be 32-28-35 (chest-waist-hips).

• If we visit the Wikipedia page for her spouse, we may learn more about their lives.

• Her work is accessible at as well.

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