NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review: What I Really Think

In the vast landscape of makeup brands, NYX Professional Makeup stands as a ubiquitous presence, a staple in the arsenal of every makeup enthusiast. Renowned for offering commendable quality at an equally commendable price point, NYX products cater to a broad spectrum of users, whether they’re makeup connoisseurs or proponents of minimalist beauty. As a devoted admirer of the NYX brand, I’ve put various products to the test. While not every offering matches the opulence of high-end counterparts, NYX consistently delivers as a reliable and affordable option.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation: My Honest Perspective

When it comes to foundations, NYX sets a benchmark with its diverse range of finishes tailored to cater to an array of skin types and preferences. The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation, in particular, has garnered my affection. Its allure lies in its remarkable versatility, allowing for seamless customization from sheer to full coverage. The foundation boasts a soft matte finish that blends like a dream. This drugstore gem receives my resounding recommendation.

Who Should Embrace It?

NYX’s Total Control Drop Foundation targets individuals with oil-prone skin, offering a mattifying formula with a luxurious velvet matte finish. Designed to address the challenges of oily skin, this foundation excels in reducing the unsightly shine that accompanies excess oil throughout the day. It’s worth noting that different foundation finishes cater to diverse skin types, such as dry, normal, or combination. As someone grappling with oily skin, this foundation has been nothing short of a revelation.

For those seeking guidance in selecting the ideal foundation for their specific skin type, our comprehensive foundation guide provides valuable insights.

Decoding Drop Foundations

Traditionally, foundations are encountered in tubes or bottles. Drop foundations deviate minimally in terms of consistency and performance, with the primary distinction residing in their packaging – specifically, the dropper mechanism.

The dropper integrated into the screw-on cap enhances packaging hygiene, minimizing the risk of residue accumulation or inadvertent dispensing, an occasional woe with pump mechanisms. Additionally, drop foundations, owing to reduced product wastage, often adopt smaller packaging sizes, aligning with eco-conscious ideals.

Optimal Application

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation’s journey begins with a vigorous shake to ensure thorough mixing. The foundation’s hallmark lies in its user-controlled coverage – an enticing prospect for makeup enthusiasts.

For a sheer or light coverage, two drops suffice, as per instructions. Three drops yield a medium coverage – an option I recommend for those venturing into the territory or seeking substantial coverage without excess. For those seeking the pinnacle of glamor, four drops confer full coverage, catering to a diverse spectrum of preferences.

Application-wise, NYX suggests employing their Total Control Drop Foundation Brush for a streak-free, velvety finish. Alternatively, one can apply the foundation using fingertips, a timeless technique favored by many. Opting for a versatile foundation brush of personal choice is also viable. Personally, I lean towards finger application, which offers a seamless outcome while conserving product. However, for this assessment, I embraced my beauty sponge.

For aficionados of damp beauty blenders or sponges, this method is equally efficacious. In my case, using a beauty sponge necessitated eight drops for complete facial coverage, a natural outcome given my oily skin disposition. It’s imperative to recognize that everyone’s skin has unique requirements, and adhering strictly to guidelines isn’t obligatory.

NYX’s official recommendation advocates incorporating the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Primer before applying the foundation for an immaculate matte finish. Particularly for avid makeup wearers like me, employing a primer is pivotal to extract the foundation’s optimum potential. Primers, particularly beneficial for oil-prone skin and concealing imperfections, significantly extend the lifespan of makeup compared to applying foundation directly onto the skin.

Selecting the Right Shade: Decisions Made Simple

Picking the perfect shade can be a puzzle, but fret not – ingenious tools like Foundation can simplify the process. This web-based shade-matching platform empowers you to input your previous foundation selections, culminating in an adept shade recommendation across diverse brands and lines. It’s an invaluable resource that I frequently employ when exploring novel foundations.

For my complexion, Foundation directed me towards the shade 07 Natural within the Total Control Drop range. Nevertheless, if you’re privileged to be in a locale where swatching is feasible, I ardently recommend seizing the opportunity. An effective technique entails dabbing a bit of the foundation on your hand or applying a minuscule droplet onto a facial patch necessitating coverage. This hands-on approach facilitates tactile and visual assessment, assuring compatibility.

Should you reside in the US, rejoice, for retailers like NYX Professional Makeup and Sephora extend hassle-free shade exchanges, easing any shade selection qualms.

Unveiling Its Feats

The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation is not just another run-of-the-mill product; it’s a performance powerhouse with an array of merits:

  • Enduring Elegance: Embrace a flawless countenance that endures for up to 12 hours.
  • Seamless Blendability: Immerse yourself in the realm of effortless blending, ensuring a polished finish.
  • Tailored Coverage: Embark on a transformative journey from subtle to substantial coverage with unparalleled ease.
  • Vegan Virtue: Catering to ethical preferences, this foundation proudly boasts a vegan composition.
  • Champion of Choice: The Total Control Drop Foundation’s standing as a best-seller solidifies its acclaim.

Packaging Perfected

Delivered in a matte glass vessel crowned with a dropper, the packaging of NYX Professional Makeup Total Drop Control epitomizes understated elegance. The accompanying black unicarton package features the shade conspicuously displayed on the front, accompanied by a brief usage guide on the reverse, delineating the drops requisite for varying coverage levels (light, medium, and full).

While aficionados of opulent packaging may relish the gravitas conferred by glass containers, exercise caution in safeguarding this prized possession. Mishandling might spell tragedy, so handle with the care it warrants. Although the foundation’s robust construction mitigates fragility concerns, prudence reigns supreme.

The foundation’s substantial weight imparts a luxurious feel, distinguishing it from its plastic-clad counterparts within the same price bracket. This gravitas, coupled with its refined aesthetics, elevates its status above conventional drugstore offerings, amplifying its allure within the NYX foundation lineage.

Experiencing Application: Immersed in the 07 Natural Shade

My quest for the perfect match culminated in the selection of shade 07 in Natural, a decision further cemented by in-person trials. With a penchant for full coverage, I meticulously built up the foundation, testing its potential to seamlessly transition from sheer to substantial. Although both lighter finishes exhibited prowess, my predilection for concealing imperfections steered me toward the full coverage spectrum. My slightly sun-kissed complexion, not unusual in sun-soaked locales, aligned well with this choice.

A full-faced application, complete with contour, blush, and finishing powder, ensued. Hours later, the foundation endured remarkably, necessitating minimal touch-ups primarily within my T-zone, a habitual battleground against oiliness. The delayed emergence of oil buildup testified to its commendable longevity – a reminder that makeup deserves periodic care.

Subsequent outdoor trials during warm summer days showcased the foundation’s resolute resistance to smudging and sweat, amplifying its sweatproof credentials.

Unveiling the Formula’s Essence

The formula of NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation offers a departure from tackiness, embodying a lightweight, watery consistency. While application is swift, vigilance is warranted to prevent unintended leakage due to its fluid nature. Swiftly applied, it doesn’t immediately dry, enabling unhurried manipulation for flawless results.

True to its claims, the foundation endures admirably on the skin without inducing fatigue, a boon for extended wear. Notably, its fragrance-free composition caters to both scent-sensitive preferences and those averse to fragranced foundations.

Affordability Meets Quality

In Europe, the foundation commands a price of 18 euros, while its US counterpart retails at $14. Judging by its commendable quality, the foundation is certainly a worthwhile investment. Although lighter coverage preferences would foster extended usage, even devotees of full coverage will discover enduring value within a bottle.

A Glimpse of Pros and Cons


  • Enduring Elegance: Basks in the spotlight for maintaining its allure up to 12 hours.
  • Adaptable Coverage: Flexes its prowess in transitioning from a delicate veil to a formidable shield of coverage.
  • Full Coverage Fiend: Delights patrons seeking an immaculate full coverage look.
  • Color Spectrum Abound: Offers a wide array of shades, catering to diverse skin tones.
  • Steadfast Against Transfer: Thwarts transference for an unsullied finish.
  • Texture and Tone Camouflaging: Artfully conceals textural and color imperfections.


  • Oily Skin Care: Requires intermittent touch-ups for those grappling with pronounced oiliness.
  • Fragile Packaging: A delicate glass bottle poses challenges for travel enthusiasts.

Indulging in Alternatives

For seekers of alternatives, the cosmetic horizon offers an array of possibilities:

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation:

Ideal for enthusiasts of medium to full coverage, this offering by Tarte may tantalize. Often heralded as ‘Photoshop in a bottle,’ its transformative capabilities are impressive. However, mastery of a sheer application may prove challenging, compelling precision with specific applicators.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops:

Positioned as an economical counterpart to NYX, the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops boasts a dropper mechanism akin to its inspiration. However, limited shade selection necessitates meticulous in-person testing prior to purchase. Akin to NYX, it embraces buildable coverage spanning from subtle to substantial.

NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation:

Should powder foundations align with your predilections, this iteration could captivate. Adaptable as both standalone foundation and finishing touch, its vegan formula culminates in a natural matte finish.

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40:

Exuding a more opulent aura, the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint beckons, albeit at a higher price point. Celebrated for its dewy disposition, it finds a kinship with dry skin types, warranting prudence for oilier counterparts.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation:

For frugal enthusiasts, e.l.f. Cosmetics furnishes the Flawless Finish Foundation, a pocket-friendly alternative. Available in an array of shades, it excels in oil control, rendering it an attractive choice for oily complexions.

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