Entertainment Step Up High Water Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Step Up High Water Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Both seasons of Step Up High Water, one of the most popular dance web series in the United States, have been tremendous successes. It will return for a third season without question. We hope that the third season will continue with the same plot. The series has a 7.50/10 rating on IMDB, which is pretty excellent.

Holly Sorensen developed Step Up: High Water and works as an executive producer with Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum. The series is based on the franchise Step Up. This series explores the lives of dancers dancing at Atlanta’s High Water arts school. This is a significant reason why the series and its plot are so captivating.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

It is very early to make any announcements about the third season; the producers have not yet confirmed the continuation of the series. In May 2020, one year after YouTube’s termination, Starz relaunched the series for a third season, removing the subtitle “High Water.” There are currently no updates about the season 3 premiere.

The first season launched on YouTube Red on January 31, 2018, followed by the second season on March 20, 2019. Those who have not yet seen the series may do so on YouTube Red or the Starz app before the next season premieres.

On 3 May 2021, Starz releases a video announcing that work on Step Up High Water Season 3 has begun.

In addition, Starz announced that the third season of the television series inspired by the Lionsgate film franchise would launch on Tuesday, October 16.

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Step Up: High Water Season 3 Storyline: What is it all about?

The plot centers on the twins Tal and Janelle, who traveled to Atlanta from Ohio following their mother’s incarceration. As they attempted to explore their new environment, they were drawn into a realm where each step is a challenge. During this time, they were attempting to adjust to a new environment, new school, and new location, and they faced several obstacles. This series is about pursuing one’s goals without giving up and never giving up on their aspirations.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Plot: What will happen?

We all hope that the next season will include more dancing and more energy. Sage’s connection with her partner Collette will be questioned in Season 3. As supporters, we anticipate that Sage and High Water will face criminal accusations, financial difficulties, and political opponents who want to destroy them.

Nevertheless, there are several speculations about the series and how season 3 will likely be more spectacular than prior seasons.

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Step Up: High Water Season 3 Cast: Who will be in?

Starz will bring back the drama series Step Up: High Water, along with creator Holly Sorenson and the original cast. According to Network, the forthcoming episode will include several well-known stars from previous seasons of the series. The audience is eagerly anticipating the following season’s brilliant squad. Christina Davis noted in an interview about the cast,

This, together with the international appeal of the multitalented, multicultural ensemble, will make this series an excellent addition to our lineup.
Tricia Helfer will join the cast of Season 3 as Erin, featuring

  • Lauryn McClain in the role of Janelle Baker
  • Patrice Jones portraying Tel Baker
  • Ne-Yo portrayed Sage Odom
  • Naya Rivera plays the role of Collette Faizon Love and AI Baker
  • Marcus Mitchell portraying Dondre
  • Jade Chynoweth in the role of Odalie Allen
  • Carlito Olivero in the role of David Jimenez
  • Terrence Green portraying Rigo
  • Eric Graise as Emperor
  • Kendra Oyesanya as Poppy

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Step Up: High Water Season 3 Trailer: When can we view it?

A teaser or sneak preview has been released by the production team. The trailer for the third season of Step Up High Water has been published. Watch the season 3 trailer till then: