Tarte Foundcealer Review & Guide: Yes, I Love It

Foundation and skincare are inseparable partners in any makeup routine. Ensuring your makeup lasts requires the right foundation and an appropriate moisturizer designed to be worn underneath. In this Tarte Foundcealer review, we delve into the Tarte Babassu Foundclear Skincare Foundation, a recent addition to the brand. I’ve put it to the test, and below, I’ll share my insights to help you determine if it’s the perfect addition to your makeup regimen. Continue reading for a comprehensive foundation breakdown.

Bottomline Up Front:

For those seeking a quick overview of this foundation to gauge its suitability, here’s why I favor it:

  • It offers a range of 30 available shades.
  • It imparts a wonderfully smooth finish to the skin.
  • You benefit from skincare advantages even after removing it.
  • It reduces the need for excessive moisturizer beneath your makeup.

Key Features

The Tarte Babassu Foundcealer Skincare Foundation represents a unique fusion of makeup and skincare. This innovative approach piqued my curiosity, prompting me to give it a try. For those wondering about its coverage, it falls in the medium range, but if you prefer lighter coverage, you can apply it with a less dense brush.

This foundation excels at providing a radiant finish to the skin. If you prefer a matte finish, you may want to explore other foundation options. Regardless of your skin type—whether it’s normal, combination, dry, or oily—this foundation is versatile and suitable for all.

The foundation’s core concept is to offer robust, pigmented coverage like a conventional foundation while simultaneously delivering lasting skincare benefits. Its active ingredients collaborate to address various skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. It incorporates three active ingredients: babassu, sunflower seed, and hyaluronic acid.

  • Babassu: Derived from babassu palm seeds, this ingredient provides moisturization, nourishment, and skin soothing properties.
  • Sunflower Seed: Rich in vitamins A and E, sunflower seed helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its moisture retention capabilities, hyaluronic acid helps the skin maintain hydration.

When it comes to shades, you have an impressive selection of 30 different options. What’s more, Tarte takes into account various undertones for each shade, ensuring a broad range to match your unique skin tone. Consequently, you may find a couple of shades that harmonize with your complexion. In the “Where and What To Buy” section below, I’ll provide guidance on selecting the ideal shade.


  • The foundation delivers an incredibly smooth finish.
  • You enjoy significant skincare benefits even while wearing makeup.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • It allows you to build the coverage to your preference.
  • Skin feels refreshed after removal.
  • A diverse range of 30 shades accommodates various skin tones.


  • It may wear off in specific areas, particularly if you wear glasses or perspire.
  • Carrying setting powder is necessary, which can be inconvenient.
  • Not ideal for layering over facial sunscreen due to its satin finish foundation texture.

Where and What To Buy

As previously mentioned, the Tarte Babassu Foundclear Skincare Foundation boasts an impressive range of 30 shades. While it might not cover every conceivable shade, you’re likely to find one that suits your complexion. It’s worth noting that there’s a mini-sized version available, but it only comes in six shades. If your shade doesn’t fall within this limited range, you’ll need to opt for the larger size.

Choosing the right shade can be a bit tricky due to the numbering and lettering system used for shade names. For instance, the fairest shade is labeled as 8B, which stands for porcelain beige. This nomenclature can be perplexing. Thankfully, each shade on the website includes a descriptor. For example, 8B is described as “very fair skin with pink undertones.” I recommend buying your foundation in-store whenever possible, especially if you’re unsure about your shade. This way, you can test various shades on your neck or chin and assess them in different lighting conditions, ensuring a perfect match.

When it comes to purchasing options, your local Sephora is an excellent choice. Their knowledgeable makeup artists can assist you, and they often offer testers (please note that testers might not be available in Canada due to COVID). Sephora also has a favorable return policy in case you don’t find the right shade. For those in the U.S., ULTA is another viable option for buying Tarte products.

My Personal Experience

I acquired my foundation from a local Sephora to explore the available shades in-store and determine the best match for my skin tone. After careful consideration, I opted for the shade 16N, which is fair-light neutral. Although my skin tends to lean warm, I wanted a shade that could seamlessly transition through the winter months.

The packaging of this foundation exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic, featuring a glossy plant design on the cap and a matte glass-like bottle. Notably, the bottle is crafted from plastic, reducing the risk of shattering if dropped, unlike foundations with glass bottles.

Some users have found the bottle’s opening mechanism slightly confusing, as the nozzle is concealed within the design. However, it’s a practical design feature, preventing accidental dispensing of foundation while in your bag.

To apply this foundation, I opted for a semi-dense and soft round brush to blend it into my skin. I chose this method to ensure the product adhered properly, as my skin tends to resist dewier foundations in my T-zone when applied with a Beauty Blender. It’s important to note that everyone’s skin is different, and individual preferences may vary. I blended the foundation with gentle pressure until it seamlessly melded with my skin and primer. Subsequently, I used a lightly tinted setting powder for a touch of coverage and secured it all in place with a long-lasting setting spray. I allowed it to set for five minutes before proceeding with the rest of my makeup routine.

I tested this foundation during the scorching hot summer days, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. This challenging environment provided an excellent opportunity to evaluate its performance. I plan to continue testing it during the colder winter months, when my skin tends to be drier, to gauge potential variations in results.

For those with oily skin, it’s worth noting that this foundation might experience quicker wear and shine. Even with my combination skin, I observed some fading, especially on my nose. However, the foundation maintained hydration throughout the day, which was particularly beneficial for my cheek area, where I occasionally experience slight dry patches.

As a general recommendation, it’s advisable to carry a compact with touch-up powder when you’re on the go, as some wear-off may occur during the day. If you notice any cakiness around your nose or mouth, use a tissue to pat away excess product before retouching with a small brush. Avoid layering multiple coats of foundation, as this can lead to a messy appearance by day’s end.

Overall, I found this foundation to be quite satisfactory. While I can’t compare it to foundations designed for all-day wear, it can produce excellent results with practice. Additionally, it can serve as a concealer or spot cover-up if you wish to experiment. Don’t hesitate to explore different brushes and adapt your usage based on the season to determine what works best for you.


IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation + Glow Serum with SPF 40 and Niacinamide

IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation

This foundation offers both makeup coverage and skincare benefits, akin to the Tarte Found clear foundation. It contains Niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and retain skin moisture. With medium buildable coverage, it suits dry, combination, and normal skin types. However, those with oily skin may experience excess shine. It also includes SPF 40, eliminating the need for a separate sunscreen. Available in 22 shades.

Rose INC Skin Enhance Luminous Skin Tint Serum Foundation

Rose INC Skin Enhance Luminous Skin Tint Serum Foundation

Developed by Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s beauty brand, Rose INC, this serum foundation provides a sheer tint while plumping and smoothing the skin. It’s effective for addressing dullness, uneven skin texture, and hydration issues. The foundation offers a radiant finish similar to the Tarte Foundclear Foundation and comes in 14 different shades.

M.A.C. Cosmetics Studio Radiance Sheer Face and Body Foundation

IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation

This sheer foundation from M.A.C. effortlessly blends into the skin, providing a natural look. It offers buildable coverage, from sheer to almost full coverage, and is suitable for daily wear. With 30 shades available, it accommodates various skin tones and is waterproof, making it ideal for beach outings and outdoor activities.

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