Best Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Alternatives

I’ve always been captivated by lipsticks – they’re my cherished companions in any makeup routine. No matter the trends, I recognize that a fabulous lipstick is the ultimate reward after meticulously completing other makeup steps. My fascination lies in uncovering diverse techniques, finishes, and innovative ways to apply lipstick. Recently, I found myself intrigued by the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick and embarked on a quest to unearth the best alternatives to this iconic shade.

As I delved into writing this article, it struck me that Pillow Talk has secured its place as one of the most renowned lipsticks of our time. This product is perpetually flying off the shelves at European retailers, a testament to its popularity. Pillow Talk isn’t just any lipstick – it’s universally flattering across all skin tones, with the Pillow Talk line even expanding to encompass shades suited for deeper complexions. Its prominence extends beyond Charlotte Tilbury’s catalog; it has become a staple in the realm of makeup.

Elevated yet attainable in price, this lipstick finds a home in the collections of countless makeup enthusiasts. Its rosy nude hue aligns perfectly with the trend of neutral tones, making it an ideal choice for understated elegance or complying with a formal dress code, all while exuding charm on a romantic evening.

The fact that this lipstick has reached best-seller status is no surprise. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if the buzz around it truly lived up to expectations. As I perused numerous reviews, questions lingered about whether the packaging would meet the hype and if the shade would genuinely complement my complexion. Before embarking on the journey to discover prime alternatives, I had to track down the elusive lipstick itself since my local Sephora didn’t carry Charlotte Tilbury’s creations.

Kiko Milano’s Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick: The Ultimate Alternative

After rigorous exploration, one standout alternative to the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk emerged: Kiko Milano’s Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick. These two lipsticks share striking resemblances in appearance, texture, and even fragrance. The differentiator? Kiko’s offering boasts a notably more budget-friendly price tag and wider availability across various countries.

About Pillow Talk

Who is Charlotte Tilbury?

Charlotte Tilbury ascended to fame as the favored makeup artist of none other than British supermodel Kate Moss. A paragon of British elegance, Charlotte Tilbury is a prominent figure in the realm of high-end makeup. As a longtime admirer of Kate Moss, I’ve held immense appreciation for the signature looks crafted by Tilbury herself.

Her makeup empire took flight with products like Charlotte’s Magic Cream and the Contour Wand before Pillow Talk solidified its place as a sensation. Notably, Kim Kardashian’s endorsement of Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick, Kim K.W., sparked a massive craze.

Pillow Talk

I unabashedly confess to being a dedicated lipstick aficionado. When a lipstick captivates my senses, I go to great lengths to swatch, procure, and experience it. I hold a fondness for lipsticks of all finishes, each bringing its distinct allure to the table.

Upon finally laying hands on the coveted product, the endearing design of the unit carton packaging caught my attention. The lipstick itself bore its shade on the cap, subtly hinting that the color might be deeper than the online portrayals. In the realm of high-end makeup, such as Charlotte Tilbury’s offerings, one often encounters delightful nuances that promise an elevated experience.

While the pattern pressed into the box added a touch of charm, it held minimal significance unless one chose to preserve the unadorned carton. Surprisingly, despite its high-end aura, the lipstick possessed a lightweight component. The bullet featured a rectangular shape, designed to facilitate precise application to the center of the upper lip.

The defining crescendo of my experience lay in the product’s performance. On my initial trial, I was struck by its remarkably nourishing matte texture. The finish felt more satin against my lips than the expected matte effect, carrying a softness that surpassed my anticipation. It exhibited an opaque quality with a subtle sheerness that I personally relished, a characteristic high-end products often aspire to achieve – unless, of course, it’s Pat McGrath, synonymous with artistic opulence.

Pairing a lip liner with my lipstick is a personal preference, although not obligatory. My favored combination involves MAC’s Whirl lip liner in tandem with Pillow Talk. This dynamic duo accentuates the brown undertones while preserving a pinker hue at the intersection where the liner concludes.

In terms of texture, I would liken it to any other satin and lightweight lipstick. In comparison to MAC bullet lipsticks, Pillow Talk notably leans towards a lighter weight. However, my subjective inclination leans towards the more opulent texture of MAC – a testament to my perception of luxury. Strikingly reminiscent of Kiko Milano lipsticks in terms of consistency, Pillow Talk bears a semblance that beckons a closer look.

Kiko Milano, a brand dear to my heart, resides a few tiers below the high-end spectrum. In contrast, KVD carries a weightier feel and boasts extended longevity, culminating in a distinct matte finish. But now, let’s venture into the realm of alternatives. An intriguing parallel between Pillow Talk and Kiko Milano emerges in their lightly fragranced nature, hinting at possible ingredient affinities.

My Criteria

As an aficionado of nude brown pinks, this particular shade holds an indispensable place in my makeup collection. Naturally, my inclination drew me toward Pillow Talk. I was motivated by a desire to ascertain the consistency of this shade, recognizing that the online landscape can be rife with varied reviews. My pursuit of creating the ultimate alternative list necessitated a comprehensive assessment of how Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks measure up against their contenders.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that what we perceive in online images can be influenced by retouching or enhancements. With my foundation shade aligning with MAC N4, indicating a neutral and pale complexion, this information plays a pivotal role in our evaluation. It’s worth noting that Pillow Talk often earns the moniker of “My Lips But Better” (MLBB) within the beauty community. For those seeking deeper hues, Pillow Talk extends its offering to encompass both medium and intense variations.

Given my affinity for the Pillow Talk hue, I anticipated that I would encounter analogous swatches during my exploration. This led me to swatch an array of lipsticks on my arm to establish a visual comparison.

A Guide to the Best Pillow Talk Alternatives

Let’s embark on a journey to identify the most suitable alternatives to the coveted Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk:

  • Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 103
  • KVD Studded Kiss in Lovecraft
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charismatic
  • KVD Epic Kiss in Womankind
  • KVD Studded Kiss in Lolita
  • Morphe Lip Gloss in Chill

Alternatives for Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

In my quest for the perfect alternatives, I was struck by the unique and exquisite nature of this rosy nude hue. While the price point may not cater to every budget, the allure of Pillow Talk becomes more palpable and comprehensible in the face of its immense popularity and fervent demand.

Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 103 This Kiko Milano lipstick not only exhibits a similar visual and textural allure to Pillow Talk but also boasts an uncannily akin fragrance. It’s worth noting that both these lipsticks originate from Italian factories. However, the one drawback of the Kiko Lipstick is its packaging. I’ve encountered instances where the bullet has come apart in various shades, and rectifying this proved to be a tad cumbersome. Yet, by remaining vigilant about the somewhat unwieldy packaging and acknowledging the significantly lower price point, this option emerges as a commendable alternative.

While my reservations lie with the packaging, the formula itself is nothing short of fantastic. Diverging from Pillow Talk’s matte finish, Kiko Milano’s Gossamer Emotion offers a satiny texture that aligns with the evolving trends. Its creaminess stands out, distinguishing it from Pillow Talk. Additionally, while it is lighter than Charlotte Tilbury’s offering, it yields stunning results, with a slightly rosier undertone.


  • Friendly on the wallet
  • Satin finish, following the contemporary trend
  • Creamy texture


  • Packaging concerns
  • Slightly pinker than Pillow Talk

KVD Studded Kiss in Lovecraft

Among the KVD lipsticks in my possession, Lovecraft stands as one of my favorites. Curiously, it’s not as readily available as the iconic Lolita, although the Studded Kiss collection as a whole exudes undeniable beauty. Lovecraft takes a prominent position within this lineup. Its distinguishable feature is its notably dense texture, contributing to its impressive longevity even in the face of daily activities and meals.

While the Studded Kiss formula may lack the exact nude undertone synonymous with Pillow Talk, it shares resemblances in other aspects. One gripe I hold pertains to the sheer quality of Pillow Talk, particularly considering its claim of being matte. The Studded Kiss range, encompassing shades like Lolita and Lovecraft, triumphantly achieves the sought-after matte opaque coverage.


  1. Enduring finish that withstands daily activities
  2. Matte coverage that is both opaque and true
  3. Affordable price point


  1. Slight need for moderate lip pressure due to texture
  2. Slightly pinker undertone

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charismatic

The allure of The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes lies in its captivating array of liquid lipsticks. Acquiring a value-packed bundle of these lipsticks is a budget-friendly delight. Personally, I opted for Charismatic as a standalone shade. Whenever the occasion calls for a long-lasting color that endures the entire day, this particular hue often emerges as my top choice.

A lingering minty aroma accompanies this liquid lipstick, evoking a refreshingly cool sensation. The formula’s lightweight nature sets it apart within the realm of liquid lip products. While Charismatic may exude a slightly muted appearance compared to Pillow Talk, it confidently presents itself as a credible alternative. Furthermore, both Pillow Talk and Charismatic adhere to the matte lipstick category, albeit with distinct variations in texture and endurance.


  1. Exceptional resilience that maintains color integrity
  2. Lacks the tendency to parch the lips
  3. Bears a striking resemblance as a suitable alternative


  1. Noticeable fragrance presence
  2. Strikes a definitive matte finish

KVD Epic Kiss in Womankind

Womankind emerges as a true and commendable alternative to The Balm’s Charismatic. However, it takes on a creamier, sheerer disposition, delivering a nourishing and buttery essence. This lipstick formula holds a special place in my heart, having discovered it during the pandemic-induced period of dry lips. While this lipstick demands a relatively higher investment, I wholeheartedly vouch for its worth.

Renowned for its remarkable lip-nourishing attributes, Womankind boasts a splendid spectrum of hues within its line. Despite my initial intent to acquire the vivid blue shade (available only online), my transition towards more wearable shades left me with Womankind, a choice I do not rue.


  1. Exudes exceptional nourishment
  2. Luxuriously creamy and buttery texture
  3. Serves as a comparable alternative


  1. Mandates periodic reapplication
  2. Bullet exhibits a delicate and thin structure

Packed with pigment to impart instant, single-swipe color, Epic Kiss embraces a comfortable and lustrous finish, bestowing a velvety and voluminous aesthetic. The inclusion of nourishing vegan cupuaçu butter provides a remarkably buttery and balm-like sensation. Contributing to sustainability, the sleek studded case incorporates 80 percent post-consumer recycled materials.

KVD Studded Kiss in Lolita

Remarkably, Lolita continues to reign supreme as the most celebrated shade in KVD history, enduring beyond Kat Von D’s tenure and extending its influence through rebranding efforts. The sophisticated charm of Lolita renders discontinuation unthinkable. When contemplating iconic shades, nude and pink tones invariably emerge as protagonists.

Within our distinct preferences for nudes, pinks, and even bold reds, Lolita stands as an enchanting hue. Its versatility is exemplified when paired with various lip liners and glosses. This shade seamlessly integrates into collections, either as a stand-alone essence or as a riveting alternative. For those seeking an opaque, full-coverage interpretation akin to Pillow Talk, Lolita triumphantly assumes the mantle. The availability, whether in physical stores or online, further augments its appeal.


  1. Widely accessible
  2. Manifests as an opaque hue
  3. Effortlessly delivers in a single application


  1. Packaging exhibits a delicate quality
  2. Potential perception of being overly brown for certain preferences

Morphe Gloss in Chill

Surprisingly, my exploration for alternatives unveiled the inclusion of a gloss—specifically, the Morphe Gloss in the shade Chill. Although unexpected at the outset, my swatching journey underscored Chill’s merit as a formidable glossy contender. Those enamored with gloss will appreciate its aesthetic as a standalone feature, an overlay atop lipstick, or in conjunction with a complementary lip liner.

Over time, Chill has solidified its place as a beloved shade in my collection, defying displacement. Characterized by a non-sticky consistency and velvety softness, this gloss effortlessly maintains color vibrancy. Nevertheless, akin to most glosses, periodic reapplication remains a requisite.


  1. Exhibits a notably lightweight demeanor
  2. Evinces a robust alternative essence
  3. Retains a sheer allure


  1. Takes on warmer undertones
  2. Entails repeated reapplication due to its gloss nature

Honorable Mentions

Several notable mentions warrant attention. MAC Whirl, albeit touted as a more brown alternative, fell short upon swatching. While appreciating both shades, my preference does not sway towards either. However, for those inclined towards a browner inclination rather than Pillow Talk, Whirl emerges as an excellent recommendation, with the corresponding lipliner accentuating its appeal.

Furthermore, Maybelline’s Loyalist—despite proximity in hue—does not quite encapsulate the distinct brown aspect. Loyalist, originating from the revered Super Stay Matte Ink line, enjoys commendable popularity, frequent use, and resounding endorsements. This product stands as my clandestine weapon, steadfastly maintaining lip color throughout the day’s myriad occurrences.

In retrospect, numerous shades from erstwhile brands like Pat McGrath, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Essence shared undeniable comparability. Regrettably, their availability has since dissipated. Opting for presently accessible or permanent offerings ensures longevity and prevents the heartache of losing a beloved hue.

Consider the brand’s stability when selecting shades, safeguarding against potential discontinuations—especially in an industry marked by recent departures. A steadfast company ensures continued availability for your favored shade even after its initial depletion.

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