NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner Review & Guide Lip Liner Hype

Lip liners have made a triumphant return to the world of makeup, thanks in part to the influence of celebrities like the Kardashians and the popularity of brands like Kylie Cosmetics. While the technique of using lip liner is not entirely new, it has come back as a trend that feels fresh and attractive.

In the past, lip liners were primarily used to create crisp and precise lip lines, often in a shade darker than the lipstick itself. However, today’s lip liner trend has evolved to include various shades and styles, offering makeup enthusiasts more versatility in achieving their desired look.

One shade that has garnered attention in the world of lip liners is NYX Nude Truffle. This lip liner has captured the hearts of makeup lovers with its smooth application, beautiful color, and budget-friendly price point. It’s an essential addition to any makeup collection, providing a versatile option for creating stunning lip looks.

One of the few challenges with NYX Nude Truffle is its availability in some regions, as it tends to sell out quickly due to its popularity. However, for those fortunate enough to find it in stock, it’s a guaranteed success and a must-try product for anyone looking to embrace the lip liner hype.

With its combination of quality, affordability, and on-trend shades, NYX Nude Truffle lip liner has become a beloved choice among makeup enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup artist or a beauty beginner, this lip liner is worth adding to your arsenal for creating flawless lip looks.

My Love for Lip Liners

Lip liners have a special place in my heart, and I cherish the ones that effortlessly glide on, although I must admit I’m not overly particular because I appreciate a diverse range of colors in my collection.

While some may lean towards automatic lip liners over traditional pencil ones, I personally don’t mind sharpening my lip liners, especially when they perform as wonderfully as the NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner. This pencil lip liner offers me multiple uses before requiring a sharpen, making it a reliable and durable choice. Its smooth application adds to its charm.

I have a penchant for cool browns and deeper shades, and the NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner complements my preferences perfectly. It effortlessly harmonizes with one of my all-time favorite lipsticks, the MAC Leave Me Breathless, a beautiful pale cream nude. Thanks to its versatile and blendable nature, I can pair it with various darker lip liners to create captivating looks.

The combination of the NYX lip liner and my beloved MAC lipstick results in a soft milk coffee shade that has garnered admiration from friends and family. While I enjoy experimenting with bold makeup ideas, I also appreciate the beauty of soft, subtle looks.

A soft nude lip liner proves to be incredibly versatile, catering to makeup enthusiasts with diverse styles. Whether aiming for a darker lip or desiring a precise outline, this lip liner is a dependable companion.

NYX as a Brand

I must express my enduring admiration for NYX as a brand that has consistently earned my trust and loyalty over the years. Throughout my makeup journey, there has hardly been a time when I didn’t have a NYX product by my side.

NYX stands as a reliable and inventive brand, with a track record of delivering exceptional products across various categories. While eyeshadow colors may occasionally miss the mark, their overall product range, especially in face complexion items like foundations, concealers, and BB creams, remains impressive. I must pay tribute to the dearly departed Bare With Me Primer, which was, in my opinion, one of the best primers I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

NYX often serves as a starting point for many makeup enthusiasts, and it’s challenging to go wrong with your first foray into their products. Their offerings strike a balance between being beginner-friendly while maintaining the quality of higher-end brands. It’s a brand that consistently delivers, and I’m grateful to have it as a trusted companion in my makeup journey.

The NYX Nude Truffle


NYX Nude Truffle

In the world of makeup packaging, sometimes less is more, but occasionally, we yearn for a touch of extravagance. The NYX Nude Truffle strikes a balance, presenting itself in a basic black pencil form with a matching cap. The pencil’s end reveals the enchanting nude truffle shade, making it easy to identify amidst your makeup collection.

This packaging doesn’t attempt to masquerade as something it’s not. Lip liners, regardless of the brand, often sport minimalistic designs with unadorned pencils. While lip liners have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, their packaging has largely remained straightforward. It’s akin to liquid eyeliners, typically housed in sleek black components, where the real variance lies in the formula and ingredients.

A defining aspect of lip liners is often the shade of the pencil, a characteristic that sets them apart. Think of Kylie Cosmetics and its iconic soft pink or Jeffree Star’s signature pink liners.


The application of a lip liner offers flexibility, allowing you to choose between filling in your entire lip or outlining the edges, leaving the center for lip gloss or lipstick. Personally, I prefer to outline and partially fill in, leaving the center reserved for lipstick. This technique aligns with how I used the NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner during my trial.

This lip liner effortlessly glides on, and while there are others that offer a slightly superior feel, such as those from Morphe or Kiko Milano, the NYX Nude Truffle holds its own. In fact, it stands shoulder to shoulder with MAC lip liners, boasting a creamier texture. While its shade range could be more extensive, it still offers a robust selection. I did have to wait for a restock of this particular shade, a testament to its popularity owing to its appealing soft brown hue.


In my makeup routine, reapplying my lip liner and lipstick after every meal is a steadfast rule. It’s just how I prefer to keep things fresh. However, I must acknowledge that the NYX Nude Truffle is inherently long-lasting. It withstands the test of time, even without my compulsive touch-ups.

In the absence of food, the NYX Nude Truffle remains steadfast, requiring only a gentle makeup remover and a cotton wipe for easy removal. It’s gentle on the lips, never causing discomfort or dryness. It seamlessly integrates with any lipstick, ensuring a harmonious blend. Rest assured, it won’t alter the feel of your lipstick in any way, leaving you free to embrace your preferred lip look.

Where to Buy

NYX Nude Truffle Lip

In the quest to acquire your NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner, the path may vary depending on your geographical location. Allow me to guide you to some well-known destinations where this gem can be unearthed.

For those navigating the makeup aisles of Portugal, look no further than Perfumes & Co. This establishment has become a haven for makeup aficionados, and with the recent addition of MAC to its lineup, it has become an even more coveted destination. NYX enjoys a strong presence not only in Perfumes & Co but also in various other beauty havens across Portugal and Europe.

If you find yourself on American soil, Ulta and other reputable retailers should be your go-to choices. Additionally, the official NYX website offers the convenience of exploring their product range from the comfort of your home, allowing you to virtually test their offerings.

As with any product, the NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner has its own set of pros and cons to consider.


  • Creamy Texture: The lip liner boasts a smooth, creamy texture that glides effortlessly.
  • Long-Lasting: It exhibits impressive longevity, remaining steadfast even in the face of daily activities.
  • Wallet-Friendly: With a price point that won’t break the bank, it offers excellent value for your money.


  • Notably Unremarkable: While it excels in many aspects, it lacks a distinctive feature that sets it apart from other lip liners.
  • Elusive Shade: The particular shade may prove challenging to find, leaving some makeup enthusiasts on the hunt.

Dupes and Alternatives

The NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner is a formidable contender in its own right, making it a tough act to follow. Priced at just $5, it presents an affordable option that is hard to beat. However, should you seek alternatives or find it out of stock, there are options to explore. These substitutes can come to your aid when you’re in a pinch or simply on the lookout for something akin to this marvelous lip liner.

1. Kylie Cosmetics Iced Latte Lip Liner

Kylie Cosmetics Iced Latte Lip Liner

In my foray into the captivating realm of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality they offered. Her lip pencils, renowned from the inception of her brand, have maintained their popularity over the years. Among her offerings, the Iced Latte Lip Liner emerges as a worthy contender and a commendable dupe for the NYX Nude Truffle.

One notable distinction is its creamier texture, which allows for a swifter application compared to the NYX counterpart. Whether this is a pro or con largely depends on your personal preference. Some may appreciate the quick glide of a creamy lip liner, while others may prefer the precision of a liner with more grip, especially if they are well-acquainted with their lip contours. Additionally, the Iced Latte shade leans slightly warmer and bolder, making it an excellent alternative. However, it’s essential to consider that this dupe comes at three times the price of the NYX liner, so choose wisely.


  • Creamier Texture: Provides a creamy, smooth application.
  • Faster Glide: Offers a swift, effortless glide during application.
  • Aesthetic Packaging: Features charming pink packaging.


  • Requires a Steady Hand: The creaminess may necessitate a more expert hand for precise application.
  • Higher Cost: Priced at a premium compared to the NYX counterpart.

2. MAC Stripdown Lip Liner

MAC Stripdown Lip Liner

The MAC lip liners have garnered a reputation for their quality. My introduction to lip liners began with MAC’s Whirl, which I acquired as part of a promotional deal that left me pleasantly surprised. In Europe, such generous promotions are a rare find, even after making a substantial purchase of MAC products that day.

While I appreciate the variety of shades and nude options that MAC offers, I must admit that their lip liners tend to grip the lips more firmly than others on the market, which can be a matter of personal preference. The Stripdown lip liner, a shade slightly lighter than NYX Nude Truffle, presents itself as an enticing alternative for those willing to invest a bit more. Nevertheless, when it comes to affordability, the NYX Nude Truffle remains an unbeatable choice.


  • Wider Availability: MAC lip liners are more readily accessible in stock.
  • Secure Grip: Offers a firmer grip during application, making it suitable for beginners.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Easier for those new to lip lining.


  • Preference for Gliding: May not be as appealing for those who prefer smoother gliding lip liners.
  • Higher Price Point: Comes at a higher cost compared to the NYX counterpart.

3. Morphe Frenchie Color Pencil

Morphe Frenchie Color Pencil

Morphe’s lip liner formula has won my admiration, and it’s responsible for my affinity for both dark shades and creamy textures. Despite Morphe somewhat fading from the makeup scene, my collection of their lip liners still stands strong. These liners have demonstrated impressive longevity, and I’ve barely made a dent in the product.

For an NYX dupe or simply to explore an alternative, I wholeheartedly recommend Morphe’s Frenchie shade. While Frenchie leans slightly towards a pink undertone, it remains remarkably close to NYX Nude Truffle, ensuring that it will be adored by fans of the latter. Morphe’s formula offers a swift glide, making it a versatile option. However, it may pose a challenge for newcomers due to its quick application, so be prepared to embrace its beauty wholeheartedly!


  • Smooth Application: Glides effortlessly for smooth application.
  • Pleasing Texture: Offers a comfortable and pleasant texture.
  • Generous Quantity: Provides ample product for long-term use.


  • Limited Shade Availability: Not all shades may be readily available on the website.
  • Not Beginner-Friendly: Its fast glide may present challenges for those new to lip lining.

4. Kiko Milano Almond Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner

Kiko Milano Almond Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner

Here’s another personal favorite of mine. What can I say? I’m an ardent enthusiast of lip liners in every nude shade imaginable, allowing me to transform my lips daily, whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions. Kiko Milano’s Almond Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner stands out as a convenient automatic pencil variant, eliminating the need for sharpening, making it exceptionally user-friendly, especially on the go.

The pencil packaging deviates from the ordinary and offers a unique tactile experience, setting it apart from standard pencil designs. While Almond serves as a fantastic dupe, it’s essential to note that the formula differs slightly. It imparts a weightier sensation on the lips, offering a distinct texture for those who appreciate the finer details. Kiko Milano’s competitive pricing places it nearly on par with NYX, with the main distinction being that NYX hails from the United States, while Kiko Milano proudly represents Italian makeup artistry.


  • Enhanced Packaging: Features a distinctive and appealing design.
  • Ample Quantity: Provides a generous amount of product.
  • No Sharpening Required: Convenient automatic pencil design.


  • Plastic Packaging: The plastic casing may not cater to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.
  • Limited Availability: May only be accessible in select countries.

5. Essence Legendary Soft & Precise Lip Pencil

Soft & Precise Lip Pencil

Essence may not be my top choice for lip pencils, but I still find value in their products, particularly due to their affordability, widespread availability, and effectiveness. Essence has carved a niche for itself by offering quality products at drugstore prices, coupled with their commendable support for various causes, including the LGBT community, a stance that some brands remain hesitant to adopt.

While Essence’s pencils may not achieve top-tier status, the Legendary Soft & Precise Lip Pencil holds its own. This option provides a firmer grip on your lips, akin to the texture of MAC lip liners, rather than the smoother glide offered by Morphe, NYX, or Kylie Cosmetics. If you prefer a slower application technique, this lip pencil is tailored to your needs.


  • Precision Application: Ideal for those who prefer a slower and more controlled application technique.
  • Drugstore Availability: Easily accessible at drugstores.
  • Budget-Friendly: Offers an affordable option.


  • Firm Grip: May feel slightly grippy on the lips.
  • Requires More Effort: Could be slightly more challenging to apply compared to smoother alternatives.

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