Tarte Surfer Curl Mascara Review: Is It Yay Or Nay?

If you’re curious about Tarte’s Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara, this review has you covered. We’ll dive into its key features, its pros and cons, and whether it’s worth trying. For those who might not find it suitable, we’ve also compiled a list of recommended alternatives. So, if you’re eager to learn more about the Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara, read on.

How to Choose Tarte Mascara

Selecting the right Tarte mascara requires some consideration. It’s not overly complicated, but a few steps can help you make an informed choice. Here are our suggestions:

Understand Your Lashes

Lashes come in various types. If your lashes are thin or straight, it’s essential to understand which wand curler style suits you best. Conducting a quick online lash test can help you determine your lash type and find the right mascara from Tarte’s range.

Read Reviews

To gain valuable insights into how well Tarte mascaras perform, reading reviews is a wise step. These reviews provide diverse perspectives that can guide your decision. However, remember that individual experiences vary, so take each review with a grain of salt. If a Tarte mascara aligns with your preferences, don’t hesitate to try it.

Buy Two

While Tarte mascaras might be a bit pricey, they often justify the cost. If you’re uncertain about which Tarte mascara to choose, consider buying two different ones. This way, you can test multiple products and determine which suits you best.

Use Tarte’s Website

Tarte offers useful tools on its website to help customers select the right mascara. The virtual trial feature allows you to see how the mascara will appear on your lashes. It’s an effective way to assess whether a particular Tarte mascara will enhance your eyelashes.

Try Something Different

If you’re a loyal Tarte customer or a previous favorite mascara has been discontinued, exploring newer products is worthwhile. Trying a mascara you’ve never used before might lead to a delightful discovery.

Key Features of Surfer Curl™ Volumizing Mascara

Surfer Curl™ Volumizing Mascara

Tarte’s Surfer Curl™ Volumizing Mascara stands out with unique features that set it apart from other mascaras on the market. It not only enhances lash volume but also nourishes them naturally. Its formula includes gardenia flowers, vitamin E, marine plants for lash conditioning, and water and castor oil for moisture. Here are some of its standout features:

12-Hour Smudge Proof

One of the mascara’s most appealing attributes is its smudge-proof formula. No more worrying about unsightly smears around your eyes, as this mascara stays in place for a solid 12 hours.

Significant Increase in Lash Curl

For those with shorter lashes, lash curl is essential. The Surfer Curl™ Mascara delivers a remarkable 46% increase in lash curl, instantly making your eyes pop.

Lash Lifter Wand

Tarte has designed the lash lifter wand specifically for this mascara. It’s engineered to lift and fan out your lashes, creating a bold, full look that can be challenging to achieve with other mascaras.


Sweating on a hot day or during a workout can lead to mascara running and eye discomfort. Fortunately, this mascara is sweatproof, ensuring your eye makeup remains intact, even in warmer conditions.

The Pros of Tarte’s Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara

Here are the advantages you can expect from this mascara:


Tarte ensures that no animals are harmed during the testing or production of this mascara. Most of Tarte’s products are crafted from organic ingredients and are cruelty-free, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer vegan, animal-friendly products.

Ophthalmologist Tested

Prioritizing both beauty and eye health, this mascara undergoes ophthalmologist testing. You can wear it with confidence, knowing it won’t harm your eyes or obstruct your vision. Tarte not only enhances your appearance but also prioritizes your safety.

Formulated Without Harsh Chemicals

This mascara doesn’t contain harsh ingredients such as mineral oil, parabens, gluten, triclosan, and more. The absence of these chemicals reduces the risk of eye irritation, providing a safer and cleaner product for your lashes.

Better-Looking Lashes Instantly

A clinical study involving 33 participants demonstrated that all individuals found their lashes to look instantly fuller and more volumized after using this mascara. If you prefer avoiding fake lashes or lash curlers for added volume and fullness, this product is worth trying.

Try-On Feature

Tarte offers a convenient virtual try-on feature on its website. If you’re unsure how this mascara will affect your lashes, use the try-on feature to visualize the results before making your online purchase.

The Cons

To provide a balanced perspective, here are some of the drawbacks of this mascara:

The Price

Compared to many drugstore brands, this mascara comes at a higher price point, typically around $23. However, this cost reflects the quality of ingredients used and Tarte’s commitment to clean products. The Afterpay feature allows you to split the payment into manageable installments, making it easier to try the mascara without a substantial upfront expense.

Clumpy Application

While most customers have praised this mascara, a minority have reported issues with clumping or flaking. Experiences may vary, and some users have noted that the formula can become dry and flaky over time.

Recommended Alternatives

If the Surfer Volumizing Mascara doesn’t align with your preferences, here are some alternative Tarte mascaras to consider:

Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-In-1 Mascara:

tarte lights camera lashes

This mascara offers ultimate lift and volume, perfect for those with straight lashes. It also provides lengthening effects, creating a wider look for your lashes. Formulated with skinvigorating ingredients like pro-vitamin B5, rice bran wax, vitamin C, and carnauba wax, it conditions each lash strand.

Maneater Mascara:

Winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2020, this mascara is ideal for a dramatic look. With a wand boasting over 500 bristles, it delivers massive volume, length, and extreme curl. It’s safe for contact lens wearers and undergoes ophthalmologist and dermatologist testing.

Lash Smoothie™ Volumizing Hemp Mascara:

Lash Smoothie™ Volumizing Hemp Mascara

Formulated with the Green Queen Complex, including ingredients like coconut, castor oil, hemp, avocado, kiwi, and plant waxes, this mascara nourishes your lashes. It increases volume by 25% and curl by 40%. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and ophthalmologist-tested.

Which Tarte Mascara Is Best?

Tarte offers a diverse range of mascaras to cater to various preferences. Whether you desire a bold, dramatic look or a nourishing mascara, Tarte has options. The best mascara for you ultimately depends on your personal preference. Trying multiple mascaras from Tarte can help you discover which one suits you best, as they all offer quality results.

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